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The Board of Education of the City of Marietta



December 2016



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The Board of Education of the City of Marietta does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or gender in its employment practices, student programs and dealings with the public.

Board Notes, a monthly newsletter from the Board of Education of the City of Marietta provides updates from the board's regular monthly meeting.

 Special Recognitions


Student of the Month

Rumel Ahmed is a 5th grade student who has attended Lockheed Elementary since kindergarten.  He has been an all “A” Honor roll student for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Because of his academic accomplishments, Rumel will be inducted into the National Jr. Beta Club in February 2017.  He is also in the talent development program, and an avid reader and a member of the Lockheed Reading Bowl Team. Rumel exemplifies what it means to be a Lockheed Leader. He is considerate of others and is always eager to help his fellow students and teachers.  Rumel is a proactive problem-solver and takes responsibility for his own learning. Additionally, Rumel has been a member of the Lockheed Singing Jets Chorus and was recently inducted into the Lockheed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. When he is not in school, Rumel enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family.n be of assistance. He is truly a global leader and a caring young man.


Employee of the Month

Jeanine Buck is a bus driver and SOAR Team Trainer with our Transportation Department who has been with MCS since October 2015.  In this short time she has shown incredible composure and courage in a dangerous situation.  On November 9, 2016, while driving her A. L. Burruss Elementary students home, Ms. Buck heard loud popping noises from outside her bus just after letting her students off at their stop. Looking around at the area, she saw a man with a handgun shooting past her bus towards a home.  Quickly recognizing the danger, she sounded her horn, and her students identifying the SOAR danger signal, immediately stopped, looked at her, and as she motioned to them, they quickly boarded the bus placing them out of immediate danger.  Ms. Buck also noticed a Marietta Middle School student who was on her way to the bus stop to pick up her younger brother.  She quickly had the young girl get on the bus out of the way of the shooter who fired a total of 12 gunshots in the surrounding vicinity and in direct line of sight of the bus. Ms. Buck remained calm and collective; and reported the incident to the Dispatcher who contacted the Marietta Police Department, who immediately responded to the scene.  She drove the students out of danger without panicking even after the gunman looked directly at her.  Once police responded, Ms. Buck met with parents who picked up their children and calmly drove the remaining students home. Ms. Buck is highly commended for her quick thinking and bravery, in keeping our Marietta City students safe in an extremely dangerous situation.


PTA National School of Excellence Award

The National PTA named the Lockheed Elementary School (LK) Parent Teacher Association (PTA®) as a National PTA School of Excellence for their achievement in building effective family-school partnerships. As a National PTA School of Excellence, the PTA is recognized for its effective leadership and commitment in supporting student success and continuous school improvement.  The National PTA Association also presented LK’s PTA with six additional awards:

  • Outstanding Local PTA Award a local unit with outstanding success in  improving its membership, advocacy, leadership, parent engagement, and PTA guidelines
  • Model PTA Award presented to a local unit in good standing that exemplifies the PTAs Mission and Values
  • Oak Tree Award for having 100% Teachers and Staff memberships.
  • Early Bird Award for recruiting 200 members by the last day in September of the new school year
  • 16 or More Award for achieving 16 more memberships then the previous year

As a National PTA School of Excellence, families at LK families feel welcomed and empowered to support student success, and PTA is a key partner for continuous school improvement. To celebrate their achievements, National PTA presented LK Elementary with a National PTA School of Excellence banner. Congratulations and appreciation go out to Lockheed Elementary PTA for achieving such high excellence for our school and district!


December MCS Angel Award

Marietta Pizza Company and owner Howard Wolfson have been serving our school community and the city of Marietta for many years – and for more than ten years, the Marietta Pizza Company (MPC) has supported our District Student of the Month program, by donating a $20 MPC gift card to each Student of the Month.  This support of our students speaks volumes and our students light up when they hear they have just been given a gift card to the Marietta Pizza Company. Howard’s generosity and his desire to support our students is greatly appreciated; and we can always count on him to have these gift cards for our students month after month!  He and his co-owners are MOST deserving of this award!!! We want to publicly take this opportunity to recognize the Marietta Pizza Company of Marietta and Howard Wolfson for their continued support by naming them as an MCS Angel.


Golden Radish Award

The MCS School Nutrition Program was recognized with the Golden Radish Award at the Bronze level for their accomplishments during the 2015-2016 school year. The Golden Radish Award publicly recognizes school districts for all aspects of farm to school, including local food procurement to hosting taste tests to gardening with students. The Georgia Departments of Agriculture, Public Health, Education, and Georgia Organics recognized MCS’ School Nutrition Department at the Georgia State Capital. We commend the MCS School Nutrition Program for this accomplishment and their commitment to enhancing our students’ nutrition and education through increased local food options while teaching them where our food originates. We are looking forward to hosting the Feed My School for a Week Promotion at A. L. Burruss May 1 – 5, 2017, which highlights a Georgia Grown menu for both breakfast and lunch the whole week!” Marietta City Schools applauds the School Nutrition Program for this prestigious award.


GSBA Exemplary Board

The Board of Education of the City of Marietta recently earned designation as a 2016 Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) 2016 Exemplary School Board. The Exemplary Board status recognizes school boards that exemplify best practices in school governance and leadership. GSBA recognizes good school board governance to foster educational community cultures in order to advance student learning and achievement. The Board of Education of the City of Marietta met and or exceeded the criteria set forth by GSBA to earn this honor of a 2016 Exemplary School Board. The GSBA Board recognition program is a three-year, three-tiered program beginning with the Quality Board status. The Board of Education of the City of Marietta exceeded previous qualifications as a Distinguished Board and earned the highest level of recognition as an Extemporary Board at the Annual Conference on December 3, 2016.


Board Member Recognition of Service: 15 Years

The GSBA recognized Irene Berens with a 15 Years’ Service Pin for her consecutive years of work as a Marietta City Schools Board Member, representing Ward Seven. Berens joined the board in April 2001 and is now in her fourth full term on the board. On behalf of MCS we thank our Irene Berens for her time, talent, support and commitment to our school district.

Public Comment


Public Comment was given by: Donna Lewis and Dr. Arthur Vaughn.


Special Reports

Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction Dr. John Waller, A.L. Burruss Elementary Principal Julie King, Sawyer Road Elementary International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program(PYP) Coordinator Jill Baker, Marietta Sixth Grade Academy IB Middle Years Program (MYP) Coordinator Tamara Edwards, Marietta Middle School IB MYP Coordinator Jennifer Santi Chelsea Bargallo, Marietta High School IB MYP Coordinator Kristen Green, Marietta High School IB Programs Director IB Diploma Program (DP) Coordinator, and IB Career-Related Program (CP) Co-Coordinator Debbie Woolard presented an implementation update of district IB programs.

Executive Session


The board did not convene in an executive session.                           

Consent Agenda


In a vote of 6:0, the board approved the following items on the consent agenda:

  • Approval of Personnel Actions

Financial Report


Erin Franklin, Director of Finance, presented the monthly financial reports.

Discussion Agenda 


In a vote of 6:0, the board approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve West Side Elementary School’s field trip to the Blue Ridge Outdoor Education Center; approval of A.L. Burruss IB PYP Concept-Based Training

Superintendent's Comments


The Associate Superintendent reviewed the calendar of upcoming events.


As this was Dr. Lembeck’s final board meeting she expressed appreciation for the board of education, leadership, teachers and support staff during her tenure as superintendent.