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Thursday, April 24, 2014

IB Middle Years Program (MYP)

The curriculum is illustrated by an octagon with eight academic areas or subject groups surrounding the five areas of interaction. The personal project appears at the centre.

The five areas of interaction are:
  1. approaches to learning
  2. community and service
  3. human ingenuity
  4. environments
  5. health and social education.

These provide the main focus for developing the connections between the disciplines, so that students will learn to see knowledge as an interrelated, coherent whole.

More on IB Middle Years Program Curriculum

Marietta City Schools IB MYP Sequence

Subject Areas Year 1 (6th) Year 2 (7th) Year 3 (8th) Year 4 (9th) Year 5 (10th)
Language A Lang Arts 6,
Enh Lang Arts 6 or
MILE Lang Arts 6
Lang Arts 7,
Adv Lang Arts 7 or
MILE Lang Arts 7
Lang Arts 8,
Adv Lang Arts 8 or
MILE Lang Arts 8
English 9 or
PreDP English 9*
English 10 or
PreDP American Lit*
Humanities World Hist/Geog,
Enh World Hist/Geog or
MILE World Hist/Geog
Geography or
MILE Geography
US/GA History or
MILE US/GA History
MYP Humanities or
PreDP Econ/Citizenship*
World History or
AP US History*
Science Earth Science or
Enh Earth Science
Life Science or
Enh Life Science
Physical Science 8 or
Physical Science 9
(for Carnegie Unit)
Physical Science 9 or
PreDP Physics*
Biology or
PreDP Bio+Chem*
(4x4, 2 semesters)
Mathematics Math 6,
Enh Math 6 or
Math 7
Math 7 or
Math 8
Math 8 or
Acc Math I
Math I,
Acc Math I or
Acc Math II
Math II,
Acc Math II or
Acc Math III
Language B
Spanish, French
or German**
Lang B 1/2 Lang B 1/2,
Lang B 2/2 or
Lang B I
Lang B 2/2,
Lang B I or
Lang B II
Lang B I,
Lang B II or
Lang B III
Lang B I,
Lang B II*,
Lang B III* or
Lang B IV*
Arts Band, Chorus,
Visual Arts or
Band, Chorus,
Visual Arts or
Band, Chorus,
Visual Arts or
Band, Chorus, Drama,
Visual Arts-Drawing I or
Band, Chorus, Drama,
Visual Art-Drawing II,
Ceramics, Painting,
Video or Dance
Physical Education PE
(1st semester)
(1st semester)
(1st semester)
Personal Fitness
(1 semester)
(1 semester)
Technology Embedded Embedded Embedded Comp in Mod World or
Business Essentials
(1 semester)
Voc/Tech elective
(1 semester)
Personal Project
      Personal Project
Seminar (1 semester)

* Indicates an IB Diploma course pre-requisite
** German is gradually being phased out, beginning with 6th grade in 2010-11

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all students automatically enrolled in Middle Years Program?
The program is designed to meet the needs of all students, including students with special needs. Students enrolled at MSGA and MMS will participate in the Middle Years Program or may choose to participate in the Middle Grades Magnet Program.

Do MYP students have to pass special exams?
There are no external IB examinations in the Middle Years Program.

Do students get special recognition for participating in a Middle Years Program?
Students that complete the program will receive an official MYP Certificate.

Is there a penalty if my child does not enter the MYP program in 6th grade?
Students may enter MYP at any point in grade 6 through 10 but students who enter in grade 10 will not be eligible to complete the full requirements to earn the MYP certificate or complete the personal project.

How does a student earn an MYP Certificate?
To earn the MYP Certificate, students must be enrolled in the MYP program at least during 9th and 10th grades, complete 20 hours of community service each year of 9th and 10th grade, complete the personal project, and perform satisfactorily on the 10th grade assessments in each subject area.

What about students that do not earn the MYP Certificate?
They will benefit from best practice instruction and high expectations in their classes. Research shows that students in this type of learning environment achieve more.

What is the Personal Project?
In the final year of the MYP program(grade 10), each student completes a personal project representing a significant piece of work that is the product of the student’s own initiative and creativity. Each project must reflect a personal understanding of the areas of interaction. Students are expected to self-select their project, which may take many forms, and take the process through to completion under the supervision of a teacher in the school. The personal project is assessed internally by teachers against a set of IB assessment criteria.

Are all students required to enroll in the Personal Project class?
Students may elect to enroll in the personal project class spring of 9th grade. Students who do not enroll in the personal project class will be provided with guidance and assigned a supervisor to monitor progress. Personal project supervisors do not have to be faculty members.

What are the requirements to become an IB Diploma Candidate in 11th grade?
MHS students who wish to enter the IB Diploma program in 11th and 12th grade and work towards the IB Diploma must take the Pre-Diploma (PDP) courses in 9th and 10th grade, earn the MYP Certificate, and interview with the IB Coordinator mid-year of 10th grade to plan a two-year IB program of study for 11th and 12th grades. MHS students who attempt but fail to score adequately to earn the MYP Certificate, or who transfer to MHS too late to earn the MYP Certificate, may be considered for the IB Diploma Program by applying to the IB Coordinator. In this case, consideration will be given to students who present excellent academic transcripts, high PSAT scores, excellent attendance and discipline records, and outstanding teacher recommendations.

How does a student earn the IB Diploma?
To earn an IB Diploma, a student must be enrolled in the two-year IB course sequences in 11th and 12th grade in each of the following subject areas: English, Language B, History, Science, Math, and an IB elective. In addition, the student must perform satisfactorily on IB exams at the end of their coursework, complete the Theory of Knowledge class, write an Extended Essay, and complete Creativity, Action, and Service requirements.