Woods Wilkins Campus - MPLC and MAPS

Marietta High School Programs

  • Diploma and two hands

    Greetings from the Marietta Performance Learning Center!

    The Woods-Wilkins Campus at Lemon Street houses two academic blended-learning programs:  1) Marietta Performance Learning Center, affectionately known as the PLC and 2) Marietta Alternative Program and Services (MAPS).

    The Marietta PLC is a blended-learning instructional program which emphasizes personal support through individualized instruction. The program includes an intense academic component anchored by an online instructional system and offline assignments, labs and projects.  It offers smaller class sizes, custom-fit learning plans, and supports one-on-one student/teacher relationships.

    The PLC’s ‘blended-learning’ instruction is geared towards assisting students who

    • Enjoy the flexibility of independent learning
    • Desire a blended-learning experience
    • Prefer a smaller classroom setting
    • Prefer more individualized instruction

    Although students are expected to do work from home each night and/or weekends, they must attend school daily. This is not a distance learning program.

    We invite you to join us on the journey to Graduation.