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6th Grade Football Team 2018-19
  • Under the guidance of Marietta High School, we have assembled a top-notch Sixth Grade sports organization that is fully backed by the Marietta Varsity Football Program and Touchdown Club.  We are proud and excited to bring quality, organized middle school Football experience to the children of our community (and tuition students from surrounding counties).

    Marietta Sixth Grade Academy football has been around for only 7 short years, however in this time frame, participation and a winning tradition has steadily increased.  While it may sound cliché, it is our desire to help all the players on the team to start transitioning from childhood to young adulthood.  Kids this age are growing in their awareness of the world around them, and looking to see where they fit in.  By emphasizing the "team first" concept through this spot, we believe we can help every player on the team to grow in confidence, develop compassion for others, and take pride in their achievements.  This comes from examples we set in the school (with team weekly academic sheet updates, dress for succed game day attire, etc.) as well as on the field celebrations of team triumph and individual success.  We look forward to our rising 6th graders making their mark on the field this upcoming school year.




    770-422-3500 ext. 7274