Our Mission

  • Our Philosophy

    Today, young adults function in a challenging, multicultural, and sometimes controversial world. A clear statement of philosophy is necessary to develop meaningful and relevant experiences for young people.

    Middle school students have unique characteristics; they require a setting specifically designed to meet their academic, social, emotional, personal, and physical needs. Therefore, a comprehensive interdisciplinary program should be implemented to enable each young adult in the recognition and realization of his or her potential, in a cooperative, safe, caring environment.

    Combining professional attitudes, instruction and modeling, all school staff will provide opportunities for students to achieve success, to develop high standards for social and personal conduct, to foster independence, and to become informed, responsible citizens.

    The home, school, and community must share responsibility for providing the necessary support for social and personal development of young adults with the resources, encouragement, and open communication required to help achieve their goals.

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of Marietta Middle School is to:
    • Make learning a priority everyday
    • Meet or exceed expectations
    • Succeed in the transition to high school and beyond

    Value Statements

    • Collaboration – collaborating among faculty and staff, students, parents, and the community to achieve common goals
    • Honesty & Integrity – being truthful, fair and accountable for our actions
    • Respect – showing consideration for the opinions, values, beliefs of others
    • Commitment – being dedicated to the mission, values, and beliefs of MMS
    • Celebration – enjoying and sharing the rewards of our success
    • Pursuit of Excellence – taking pride in our work through reflection and continuous growth and improvement as educators

    Belief Statements

    What we believe about students:
    • All students are valued
    • Students will take responsibility for their actions and share responsibility for their learning
    • All students must be empowered to make choices for their future.

    What we believe about education:

    • We believe that if students do not learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn.
    • High and consistent expectations lead to increased performance.
    • Quality teaching provides equity of learning opportunities

    What we believe about the school environment:

      • The school must be safe and secure
      • We believe that daily attendance is essential to the learning process
      • The classroom must be conducive to learning