Our Initiatives/Innovations

    1. Improve and Monitor Tier I instruction in all content areas through weekly walk-throughs and strategic Coaching Cycles with specific staff members.
    2. Improve Tier I Instruction through the purchase of Flexible Seating and other instructional items in various classrooms.
    3. Provide ongoing training for all staff in the Science of Reading.
    4. Purchase the Mastery Connect Assessment Program to access formative and summative for the Dual Language Classes and other Kindergarten through fifth-grade classes.
    5. Plan and implement opportunities for staff team building and collaboration.
    6. Plan and implement opportunities for celebrations to highlight staff and student achievement and positive behavioral progress of students.
    7. Increase Parental involvement at Dunleith in the implementation of Marietta Parent University.
    8. Increase Community involvement by working collaboratively with local organizations to identify the needs of Dunleith Elementary School and then developing an action plan to fulfill those needs.