Our Initiatives/Innovations

  • School Governance Team voted unanimously to allow conversions of general education classroom allotments to be used for support personnel. The newly created positions will include a science lab instructor, a gifted educator and a .5 dance instructor/.5 drama instructor.

    The above action can be achieved by reducing class sizes by using Early Intervention allotments as classroom teachers. The models will be implemented as a self-contained and/or reduced class size. As a staff, we believe that students’ needs are better met in a general education classroom rather than an augmented model. We feel that by providing these services to our students we will increase the number of students meeting or exceeding expectations on unit and standardized assessments. Additionally, we feel that by providing this service and reducing the class size, we will be afforded the opportunity to provide additional service to all students. The general education allotments that are “saved” by using EIP allotments will be used to create a science lab and a gifted instructor. The remaining allotment will be used to enhance our integrated arts programs allowing for an additional .5 dance and drama teacher.


    The Superintendent recommends the approval of the requested alternative staffing to increase student achievement.  Evaluation of impact should be reviewed upon receipt of achievement results following the second year of implementation to maintain alternative staffing model.

SGT Meetings

  • SGT Meeting Dates TBD

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Hickory Hills SGT Team Members

  • Kristen Beaudin, Principal*
    Kim Littlejohn, Teacher*
    Melanie Wilson, Teacher

    Annie Radding, Teacher 

    Marisa Gonzales, Teacher
    Erin Babb, Teacher

    Johnny Sinclair, Business Member

    Kristy Stofer, Parent
    Stephen McClure, Parent