• Talented and Gifted Academy

    FocusThe Talented and Gifted (TAG) Learning Academy at West Side Elementary provides kindergarten through fifth grade students a global, academic program designed to uncover and develop the unique talents and gifts of all students. The focus of this program is on developing the various aptitudes and potentials for advanced learning and creative productivity that exist in all student populations.

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    Key Features:

    • TAG provides every student with real world opportunities and resources
    • TAG provides every student the opportunity to achieve his or her maximum potential
    • TAG provides enrichment opportunities for all students through four clusters of learning
      • The Arts
      • Math and Technology
      • Science and Environment
      • Media and Culture

    Key Benefits:

    • Coursework combines energy, interest, and imagination
    • Student’s research and interpret data, set goals, have group discussions
    • Students work together in a safe, positive learning environment

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