Media Center Rules

  • Using the Library

    Library hours are from 8:15 am-3:15 pm.

    At Park Street Elementary, we hope that students would like to be "Library Helpers" and not "Library Hurters." We ask that all users of the library follow our simple rules:

    • Follow directions.
    • Get permission to come to the Media Center from your teacher.
    • Wear a pass around your neck when coming to the Media Center.
    • Please use a Magic Stick when taking books off the shelves. If you decide you don't want the book, you know right where the book belongs.
    • Walk in the Media Center and use a quiet voice.
    • Leave all food and candy in the classroom.
    • Please put books that you don't want on the Lost Books stickers.

    Book Checkout

    • Check-out is limited to two books.
    • If books are overdue, they must be returned before new ones can be checked out.
    • Books that are damaged or lost must be paid for.