Department of Student Services

  • The Department of Student Services (DSS) is home to several programs, projects and services designed to meet the unique needs of our diverse student population. Our primary goal involves the use of system, school, grade level, and student-specific data to meet the needs of all learners. Benchmark assessments measure the progress of all children to ensure adequate progress, and early intervention services offer additional support as warranted. The Student Support Team (SST) at each school tracks the results of targeted assistance in the event that students continue to demonstrate academic or behavior difficulties. A comprehensive evaluation process is available for students if screening results indicate their inability to demonstrate progress may be due to a disability.

  • Georgia Special Needs Scholarship and SB10

  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

  • Child Find

Special Education

  • Marietta City Schools provides a free, appropriate public education, in the least restrictive environment, to each student with a disability. This includes individualized instruction to meet a student’s educational and social needs in an effort to prepare the student for post-secondary education and/or employment and independent living. A full continuum of special education placement and related service options are available.

    For additional information, contact Kristal Brown, Director of Special Education.

  • Marietta City Special Needs Preschool

  • School Psychology Services

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

  • Parent Mentor

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