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  • Overview

    Marietta City Schools (MCS) became one of Georgia’s first Charter Systems in June 2008. The MCS charter system includes twelve schools: one early learning center, seven K-5 elementary schools, one sixth grade academy, one middle school, one high school, and one grades 3-5 elementary magnet school (Marietta Center for Advanced Academics).

    MCS also has an alternative program for grades 9-12 at the Marietta Performance Learning Center at Woods-Wilkins. This program is not listed as a “school” to be converted under the charter system. The school district also includes one SB 618 residential treatment center: George W. Hartmann Center. This residential treatment center operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with MCS and the Georgia Department of Education.

    Your Charter System in Action

    School Choice

    Through a strategic planning process begun in 2006, MCS has already implemented certain system-wide innovations. One of these is elementary school choice (Choice Academies). Curriculum at our elementary schools is based on the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS), and enhanced by school-selected focuses:

    The Choice Academies concept extends to the middle schools; students can continue in the IB Middle Years Program (MYP), or in the STEM magnet program. In high school, MCS students can select from career pathways, IB diploma/certificate, dual enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP), or early college programs.

    MCS School Governance

    Innovations - Charter System

    Charter System Innovator of the Year

    The Charter System Foundation Innovation Award recognizes the system that demonstrates instructional innovations in the classroom, schoolhouse, or  system-wide level with a focus on unique programs that increase student interest and drive achievement. MCS was selected to receive this award for the innovative Graduate Marietta Student Success Center, a one-of-a-kind program at Marietta High School.

    MCS Charter innovations include:

    • 8th to 9th grade transition academy,
    • Addition of new career pathways at the high school level,
    • Digital student portfolios,
    • Enhanced classroom experiences and authentic assessments,
    • Expansion of the role of School Governance Teams—converting advisory local school councils into “highly trained and high performing” governing bodies,
    • Exploration of horticulture, ecology, teacher preparation, and other emerging career pathways,
    • Financial incentives for teaching in areas of critical need,
    • Graduate Marietta Student Success Center
    • Increased individualization through differentiation,
    • Internships and early college pathways,
    • Looping cohorts,
    • Small learning communities,
    • Teacher innovation grants and performance incentives,
    • Teacher leadership academy,
    • Use of career inventories in upper elementary and middle grades,
    • Web-based learning and assessment.


  • Dr. Grant Rivera
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    Dr. Jami Frost
    Deputy Superintendent
    250 Howard Street
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