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  • Parents Can Now Order Birth Certificates Online Directly From the State of Georgia

    Parents registering new students for school can now order Georgia birth certificates online directly from the State of Georgia. Request Official Vital Event Records (ROVER), makes it convenient to order certificates directly from the State of Georgia. All requests incur a $25 search fee and, an $8 processing fee. Learn more about ordering through ROVER at

Bus Routes for Marietta City Schools

  • Please take this opportunity to review your students School Bus Route for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. If you don’t see a bus stop for your student to safely access please fill out a bus stop appeal form. Friday, July 13, 2018 will be the cutoff date this summer to submit a bus stop appeal form in order for the stop to be considered before the first two weeks of school are completed. If you submit a bus stop appeal after that date then you will need to be prepared to transport your student or take them to the closest bus stop for the first two weeks of school while your bus stop appeal form can be reviewed. Please take this opportunity now to review your route for next school year so that your student’s transportation is set up and ready to go on the first day of school.


    From the Master Route/Stop Locator page scroll down to locate your street name or a street within your neighborhood, and pick the bus stop closest to your home address. The bus route number and pick up time will be listed. You may then look at the exact route and determine where the other stops are in your community.

    Each school Master Routes/Stop Locator list has all the bus stops within your school’s district listed in alphabetical order.

    Please fill out the bus stop appeal form and return to your child’s school or the Transportation Department.

    pdf file Bus Stop Appeal Form

    For more information on locating your bus stop contact the transportation department at (770) 429-3110

    For assistance with transportation questions or concerns with your student’s bus route please contact the following Supervisor for your student’s School.

    Gina Robinson EXT 7517
    A.L. Burruss
    Hickory Hills
    West Side
    Marietta High School

    Jackie Turner EXT 7516
    Sawyer Road
    Park Street
    Marietta Sixth Grade Academy
    Marietta Middle School

    Lance Johnson EXT 7514
    All Special Education Routes
    Marietta Center for Advanced Academics

    Kidata Burnett EXT. 7520

    McKinney Vento Students
    Bus Stop Appeals

Handbooks and Forms


  • Dr. Belinda Walters-Brazile
    Deputy Superintendent

    250 Howard Street
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Phone: (770) 422-3500, ext. 7268

    Jody Drum
    Assistant Superintendent for Special Services
    250-B Howard Street
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Phone: (770) 422-3500, ext. 7238

    Jill Sims
    Executive Director
    of Academic Programs
    (IB, ESOL, EIP, Gifted, REM)
    250 Howard Street
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Phone: (770) 422-3500, ext. 7228

    Kimberly Ellis
    Director of Transportation
    145 Dodd Street
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Phone: (770) 429-3110, ext. 100

    Director of School Nutrition 
    145 Dodd Street 
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Phone: (770) 429-3107, ext. 114 


Bell Schedules