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Aspen Family Portal Information

  • Marietta City Schools (MCS) parents/guardians now have access to a new program to view their child's grades and attendance. Aspen, the new MCS student information system provides a parent support feature: Aspen Family Portal (AFP) that replaces i-Parent, the former grades and attendance program for parents.

    To proceed to Aspen Family Portal, click here.



  • What is Aspen?

    Aspen is the new MCS student information system. Aspen provides a secure, web-based platform for school districts to manage all facets of student data to include grade reporting.

    What is my Login ID and password?

    Parents new to the district will receive an email once their account has been created.
    If you have not received Parent Aspen Family Portal login credentials from your student’s school, please contact one of the following:
    • Email:
    • Enter in an Aspen Help Desk 
    • Call the Aspen Help phone at 678-695-7255.

    How do I logon the first time?

    Please use the following link to access the Aspen Family Portal.


    Can't see your children's information?

    Please contact Aspen Help Desk  and leave your name, student’s name, Student’s school and grade.

    How do I change my password?

    9/17/19 Until further notice, the ability to change Aspen account passwords has been turned off. 
    To change your Aspen Family Portal (AFP) password, click on the SET PREFERENCES link, located at the upper right corner of the AFP webpage:
    screen shot 1

    screenshotA smaller window will pop up.

    Select the SECURITY tab and click CHANGE next to the "Password" option.

    Passwords must meet certain requirements. You can optionally view the requirements by clicking CLICK TO VIEW.

    Enter your new password twice to confirm, then click OK.

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