Gifted Education Description

  • M.I.L.E.

    Curriculum & Instruction

    All levels of the MILE gifted program include instruction in skills areas basic to gifted education. These are:

    1. Cognitive Skills
    2. Learning Skills
    3. Research and Reference Skills
    4. Communication Skills and
    5. Meta-cognitive skills

    The gifted curriculum incorporates these skill areas into units and/or courses of study which address the appropriate Georgia Performance Standards. The curriculum is differentiated to accommodate students’ areas of strength.

    Contact Hours

    Service in all direct service models is a minimum of five segments per week. (A segment is one-sixth of a school day.)


    Gifted Program Models

    • Resource (K-5)
      Identified gifted students are provided gifted instruction through interdisciplinary activities based on the MCS curriculum standards. Students meet with their resource teacher anywhere from one to six contact hours per week.

    • Cluster grouping (K-12)
      Identified gifted students are placed as a small group into a general education classroom taught by a gifted endorsed teacher through separate lesson plans and individual or group student contracts.

    • Collaborative (K-12)
      A small number of gifted identified students are placed in a general education classroom. Direct instruction is provided with a differentiated curriculum provided by the student’s regular classroom teacher who collaborates with a designated gifted teacher according to the requirements from GADOE.

    • Advanced Content (K-12)
      Identified gifted students are grouped on the basis of achievement and taught by a gifted endorsed teacher. Students will engage in enriched learning experiences with performance tasks that extend grade-level standards at an accelerated pace. Schools may include students who are not gifted but who meet achievement criteria as space is available. AP and IB classes taught by a gifted teacher qualify under this model.

    • Mentor/Internship (9-12)
      A gifted identified student works with a mentor to explore a profession of interest according to GADOE regulations.

    • Post-Secondary Option
      Gifted identified students may receive services through joint enrollment in college, university, or technical school courses.

    • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
      Students in grades 9-12 are homogeneously based on achievement and interest in a specific content area.

    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Courses
      Students in Grades 11-12 only, are homogeneously grouped based on achievement and interest in a specific content area.

    Note: Gifted models implemented are determined by the individual school based on the needs of the students and scheduling. Advanced Content course offerings at individual grade levels and/or subjects is at the discretion of the school principal.


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