Reciprocity, Inactive, and Re-Entry

  • Reciprocity

    In State

    A student who withdraws from a gifted program in another school district in the State of Georgia and enrolls in Marietta City Schools will need to present documentation that confirms gifted education service was provided in the previous school district. The transferred student must meet the terms of the Marietta City Schools continuation criteria to continue to receive services.

    Out of State

    There is no mandated reciprocity between states. Out-of-state data from other school systems may be used in making eligibility decisions if the data meets state criteria. Parents interested in their child receiving gifted education services will need to follow standard referral procedures.

    Home School, Parochial, and Private School Students

    Students who were previously identified as gifted according to Georgia criteria, and who left public school to enter a home school, parochial school, or other private sectarian or non-sectarian school, may re-enter gifted education services upon documentation that the student meets local continuation criteria. In the absence of this documentation or confirmation, the local MILE Eligibility Team may decide that current assessment data needs to be obtained.

    Inactive (Break in Service)

    Parents may request a voluntary withdrawal from the MILE program if the gifted student is in good standing according to the continuation criteria. Parents should file a request for Voluntary Inactive Status with the gifted education teacher or the MILE Eligibility Team.


    Parents of students who wish to re-enter the program after a break in service should request a Re-Entry form from the local school. New assessment data may be needed, depending on the length of time since the student exited the program. Students who wish to apply to re-enter the program after being withdrawn for non-satisfactory performance must provide evidence of meeting the continuation criteria.


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