Student Registration FAQ

  • 1. Where can I find the required materials and procedures to enroll my student?

    All information regarding enrollment and registration is located on the Marietta City Schools Web site in the “Parents” section under Student Registration Information.

    2. May I enroll if I do not have proof of my residency inside the Marietta City Schools district?

    No, providing verifiable proof that you currently reside in the Marietta City Schools district is a requirement for enrollment. Other than Homeless students and #9 (below), no exceptions will be made.

    3. May my child be enrolled if they are living with someone in the school district, with my permission, but that person does not have legal custody?

    No, the student must reside with the person having legal custody (court ordered) in the Marietta City Schools district, in order to attend Marietta City Schools. If the person enrolling the student is not the legal guardian, they must complete a non-parental affidavit. Marietta City Schools will provisionally enroll a student for a period of not more than 30 days so the person can file an official guardianship application with the probate court. At the end of the 30 days if the application has not been filed, the student shall be withdrawn.

    4. Who must enroll a student?

    A student must be enrolled by their custodial parent or legal guardian, or other person who has filled out a non-parental affidavit and applied to the probate court for guardianship of the student. Persons acting under the authority of a power of attorney executed by a parent or guardian serving in the military shall be allowed to enroll a student in Marietta City Schools provided they meet residency requirements.

    5. What items are required to enroll my student?

    Some of the required items include proof of birth date, proof of custody, and proof of residency. For more information see Student Registration Information.

    6. Is having a social security number required to enroll?

    No, but signing a waiver for this requirement or completing an application for a number, will need to be done.

    7. Where can I get the required eyes, ears, dental and immunization certification forms?

    All of these are available on-line at the site stated above in #1, at most doctor’s offices and at the Health Department.

    8. If I am not currently living in the Marietta City Schools district, but plan to move-in sometime in the future, may I attend Marietta City Schools now?

    Students may qualify as a tuition student until such a time as they reside in the Marietta City Schools district. The student must complete a Non-resident application, be approved by the Superintendent and pay tuition until they move into the district. 

    9. What programs does Marietta City Schools have available to potential students?

               See Student Registration Information

    10. Where can I find out what school supplies my child will need?

    Information about required school supplies can be found on the Marietta City Schools Web site in the “Schools” section under Back To School Information.