“What Parents Say….”

  • I am a Dad to two Marietta City School district children and I am writing this on behalf of my family. My daughter is in the Sixth Grade at MSGA and my son is in the Second Grade at Sawyer Road. 

    Our children have attended Marietta City schools from Kindergarten forward. In that time, my Wife and I (our in laws too) have had the pleasure of serving the students in many capacities, such as PTSA, various volunteer assignments, translation services for Spanish speaking families and have been successful in raising several thousand dollars for the schools our children have attended. In this time, we have also had many great teachers and administrators work with our children to enhance their educational experience. This brings me to the point of this communication, Mr. Sterling Garner, Second Grade teacher at Sawyer Road Elementary. 

    Mr. Garner is currently my sons teacher and he is nothing short of unbelievable! He currently has 21 children in his class and the academic range of the class varies greatly. He has students that go from the 99th percentile down. Having volunteered in his class many times I can tell you that it borders on impossible to engage ALL of the children and meet their individual academic needs, yet Mr. Garner does it with the great aplomb! The children's academic needs are not only met, but the emotional needs of these precious kids also are handled with great care. Spend five minutes in Mr. Garners classroom and you come away knowing that this teacher is a rare find. One that not only meets all of his students needs, but exceeds them in every way. They're simply aren't enough positive adjectives to describe Mr. Garner and the work he does daily with these children! 

    All of this being said, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that both of our children have had wonderful teachers and administrators at Sawyer Road, MCAA and MSGA. Originally, we were apprehensive about sending our children to Marietta City. After many years of our children attending and our volunteering, we have come to realize that we couldn't be happier with the educational experience. The biggest reason is Mr. Sterling Garner and people like him! 

    Thank you for your time and all of the work you do for all of our children. It doesn't go unnoticed!

    SRE was one of the best experiences my children and I have had. Between my 2 kids, Trent and Saydie, they had amazing teachers and were able to reach goals they thought were too high to reach. My daughter Saydie always struggled with math in the past, it wasn't until her 5th grade year with Mr. Tahet that she started building enough confidence in her Math skills to face her problems head on. Now as a 6th grade student in Middle School, she is at the top of her Math class, as well as the rest of her classes making straight A's. We owe this all to Mr. Tahet, not only for his amazing talent in the classroom, but how he builds the students confidence and really makes them believe in themselves. I will forever be grateful to Sawyer Road Elementary School, the staff, and especially the teachers. 

     Mrs. K - I wanted to say this in person, just not sure when I will be able to get to the school. This is the first year Skyler has ever come home from school with a smile on her face.  Everyday we pick her up she is happy.  There is so much comfort in that, I can't even begin to express properly. When she found out you were going to have her this year she was on top of the world.  Thank you for all that you have done with Emma in building her confidence and how I know you are already doing the same with Skyler.

    Mrs. Godfrey - I love you as an educator. The kids in your class are blessed to have you as their teacher. Thank you!

    Staff & Administration - Thank you for making the transition so smoothly for Reagan this year. I knew our move to Marietta would be an adventure, but the staff at Sawyer Road Elementary has been wonderful and we are very appreciative! Thank you.