What do School Counselors do?

What services do they provide?

School Counseling Pyramid
  • The MSGA school counseling department's vision is that students will be ready, respectful, and responsible.  They will be ready to take an active role in the learning experience; respectful of others’ differences; and responsible for being positive contributors to society. Choosing to be part of the MSGA family, per the Marietta City Schools district vision “to be the school system of choice,” means exposure to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme where students will exude the characteristics of an IB learner: balanced, reflective, inquirer, caring, knowledgeable, communicator, principled, open-minded, risk-taker, and thinker.  As a department, we recognize that we are investing in global learners who will have the ability to affect change in the world.  

    The MSGA school counseling department follows guidelines outlined by the ASCA National Model indicating that students will receive services in three major domains: Academic, Career, and Social-Emotional development.

    • Academic – The purpose of the academic domain is to help students with learning and studying skills.  Within the academic domain, students will be pushed to think independently, learn how to work effectively in groups, and transfer classroom concepts into the real world.  Students also will have the ability to create academic goals and develop steps to achieve them.
    • Career – Students will be exposed to information about college, trade or vocational schools, the workforce, service, and other options.   Beginning in sixth grade, students fulfill GA Bridge Law requirements by maintaining a career portfolio using Career Cruising website. Here students complete a learning styles inventory which identifies ways to learn and apply knowledge.
    • Social-Emotional – Students receive support for their personal development and social challenges. This support comes in the form of individual and group counseling sessions, as well as developmental guidance lessons.  Students will learn to regulate emotions and apply interpersonal skills among their peers, teachers, and adults.  

    Services provided by the MSGA counseling department are delivered through:

    Direct Student Services - interactions between school counselors via:

    • School counseling core curriculum - consists of structured lessons designed to help students acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills that further their development. The school counseling core curriculum is created by the counseling department and ingrained in the school’s overall curriculum. 
    • Small Group - brings students together who share a common interest for support and growth. 
      • Responsive services
      • Crisis prevention and intervention
    • Individual Student Planning - includes activities designed to assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans.
      • Personal and academic goal setting
      • Skills building
      • Career planning
      • Responsive services
      • Crisis prevention and intervention

    Indirect Student Services - collaboration between the school counselor, parents, teachers, stakeholders, community organizations, and other professionals for the benefit of the student that involve

    • Responsive services
    • Crisis prevention and intervention
    • Community based referrals
    • Services coordination