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    The Middle Grades Magnet program at Marietta Middle School is a comprehensive and rigorous instructional program connected through integrated, interdisciplinary units of instruction based on the new Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). The middle grades magnet program is a continuation of the elementary grades magnet curriculum but places a stronger emphasis on engineering and the design process.

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    MCS Enrollment Agreement-Spanish

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    1. Who is responsible for the Magnet academic programming and curriculum?

    The Marietta Middle School (MMS) Principal, Dayton Hibbs, Assistant Principal, Mary Thurman, Advanced Academic Coordinator, Shelia Leftwich, Middle Grades Magnet Administrator for Curriculum, and Magnet Program teachers, are responsible for both the program and curriculum.

    2. Does the magnet program continue the coursework taught during the sixth grade?

    Yes, the curriculum scaffolds to complement skills taught in the earlier grades. The middle grades program is a continuation of the sixth-grade magnet curriculum but places a stronger emphasis on engineering and the design process. 

    3. Do magnet sutdents wear the same uniform as other students?

    Yes, all MMS students wear the same uniforms.

    4. What technological resources do magnet students utilize daily?

    As with the elementary and sixth-grade programs, each seventh-grade magnet student is provided with a wireless laptop computer. Students also have access to a fully functional engineering lab and fabrication lab. Magnet teachers use technology as a major delivery method during instruction.

    5. Who should I contact at MMS regarding my magnet student?

    Advanced Academic Coordinator, Shelia Leftwich, Mary Thurman, or the school principal at MMS is available to discuss magnet program concerns. Curricular inquiries should be addressed to magnet teachers or the Middle Grades Magnet Administrator for Curriculum.

    6. I am interested in enrolling my child in the magnet program offered at MMS. Who do I contact?

    MMS is responsible for admissions and enrollment of seventh and eighth-grade magnet students. Please contact the MMS guidance office. Information can also be obtained from our Advanced Academic Coordinator. School tours can also be arranged.

    7. How is parent communications handled at MMS?

    Teachers use the following tools to communicate with parents: Newsletters, the MMS website(Aspen), school-to-home announcements, Connect-Ed (alert notification system), and direct to parent e-mails. Parents have access to teacher e-mail addresses and phone extensions as well. Student agendas are a source of communication between students and their teachers. Also, a Parent Handbook is available

    8. How does the Magnet Program differ from other Enhanced classes and Mile programs?

    The Magnet program teachers have adopted a rigorous implementation of the seventh and eighth grade Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). Teachers cover several aspects of design and modeling leading students to apply geometry, problem-solving, teamwork, and project management skills to design and develop actual product prototypes. Students explore the technology of aeronautics, propulsion, and rocketry through hands-on projects involving mathematics.

    9. How are teacher/parent conferences conducted?

    Parents meet with advisement teachers at MMS. The advisement teacher serves as the student advocate and as a liaison for the parent. Meetings are offered each year during conference weeks, one in the fall and one in the spring, where parents can meet with the teacher(s).

    10. How is discipline handled at MMS?

    The MMS staff is responsible for all discipline issues with the Magnet Program. We maintain a proactive approach system for creating and maintaining an effective and safe learning environment; Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). MMS Students are expected to follow the expectations that are specifically explained in our PBIS Matrix.