Clubs and Organizations

  • Parents may decline participation (opt out) of their child in any club/organization offered at their school. The following are tentative clubs/organizations for the 2017-2018 school year. The “opt out” form is included with the Parent Guide signature document and should be returned to your child’s school.

    Name of Club/Organization Brief Description of Mission/Purpose Name of Faculty Advisor(s) Brief Description of Past or Planned Activities

    Beaver News Network (BNN)

    Prepares students for public speaking through the daily delivery of announcements and school-wide communications

    Cindy Farr, Burruss Media Specialist

    Daily news reports through closed circuit television

    Safety Patrol and Flag Patrol

    Students demonstrate responsibility and model positive behaviors as they are stationed at various posts throughout the campus to assist with smooth student traffic flow and monitoring of student behavior.

    Barbie Esquijarosa

    Students patrol designated areas on campus

    Vocal Motion

    Students participate in group activities designed to help students sing with proper vocal techniques, to appreciate music, and to work together towards a common goal.

    Kevin Sanders, Burruss Music Specialist

    After school rehearsals

    School-wide performances

    Field trips within the community

    Reading Bowl

    Students read and prepare for the annual competition

    Allison Taylor, Christina Updyke

    Participated in the district wide reading bowl

    K KIDS

    K KIDS is a  service organization sponsored by Marietta Kiwanis. Our purpose is to develop leadership skills of our students and to improve our community through service.

    Teresa Green, Jennifer Kloet,  Candace Torrence School based and community service projects

    Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad is an opportunity for our students to increase their exposure and interest to science while applying their knowledge of science concepts through classroom activities and research.

    Michael Holst, Katie Gaudette, Kelly Hobby

    Science Olympiad Competitions

    Drama Club

    The Drama Club is an extra-curricular activity for students selected in grades 2-5.  These students learn about acting, play production, and stage work culminating into a production.

    Carla Wallace

    After school rehearsals

    Community Performance