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Graduate Marietta Student Success Center

The Graduate Marietta! Student Success Center provides an innovative approach to supporting students beyond the classroom, cultivating a culture of hope and achievement. By consolidating school services and partnering with the private and public sector, we will improve

  • Graduation Rate
  • College and Career Transition
  • College Acceptances
  • Scholarship Dollars Earned
  • Health and Wellness

We Believe in the power of community collaboration to transform lives.

We are the home of three centers that provide support for the students of Marietta High School.

Center for Academic Support

A one stop center for students to complete academic work and receive academic support, explore career and college opportunities.

Center for Behavior Support

Students will be able to develop a personal plan to change their own behavior and/or improve their academic performance, as well as develop a personal plan for post high school success.

Center for Community Partnerships and Services

Students learn coping and decision-making skills, connect with community services and school staff who can assist with an Individual's identified barriers to learning and graduation.

The services provided by the Graduate Marietta Student Success Center are possible due to the donations received from Partners in Education.