Woods Wilkins Campus - MPLC and MAPS

Marietta High School Programs

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    Greetings from the Marietta Performance Learning Center!

    The Marietta Performance Learning Center serves as support for Marietta High School. The program’s goal is to
    assist in getting students graduated on time while providing services to assist with next steps.
    To achieve this objective, the MPLC has two components.
    A Full Day Program and an Afterschool Program are available.

    As a Marietta High School Program, the Marietta PLC staff plans to partner with you and your child to make graduating on time a reality.  We pledge to focus on ensuring that your child is successful in catching up with his/her graduation requirements.  Using a blended learning model with smaller class size, we will be committed to providing your students the necessary assistance.    

    On behalf of the Marietta PLC staff, we invite you to join us on the journey to Graduation.