• Math Curriculum

  • At Park Street, students learn to use mathematics in order to think critically, and with the understanding that in applied mathematics there are many different approaches to a solution and sometimes more than one right answer. The central idea of all mathematics is to discover how having knowledge of some things, and using reasoning, permits students to develop knowledge of other things—without having to commit the information to memory as a separate fact. It is the connections, the reasoned, logical connections that make mathematics manageable. The implementation of the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) in mathematics places a greater emphasis on problem solving, reasoning, representation, connections, and communication.


    GSE mathematics focuses on actively engaging students in the development of mathematical understanding by :

    • Using manipulatives
    • Describing math with a variety of representations
    • Working independently
    • Solving problems in cooperative groups
    • Estimating and computing efficiently
    • Conducting investigations and recording findings