Face Coverings (Mask/Shield)

    MCS requires that all students and staff wear a face covering (i.e. mask or shield) on the school bus. Students who do not have a face covering will be given a cloth mask to wear.


    Bus Windows

    In an effort to increase ventilation on the bus, bus windows may be opened (weather permitting) while students are on the school bus.


    Social Distancing

    To the greatest degree possible, students will be socially distanced and placed in assigned seats on the school bus.


    School Bus Cleaning and Disinfecting

    Between each bus route (elementary, middle, and high school), MCS staff will disinfect high-touch areas. Each night, the school bus will be fogged and disinfected.

    Grace and Understanding

    Given the increased responsibility to, when possible, socially distance students on school buses, we kindly ask that families extend to us a degree of grace and understanding during this time. In the morning routes, it is possible that buses may be delayed in arriving to bus stops or schools as we navigate through these safety protocols and increased car rider traffic. Families are encouraged to download the Marietta City Schools Traversa Ride 360 App to monitor the current location and arrival time of their assigned school bus (based on GPS tracking).