• Communications Protocols

    Marietta City Schools’ administration, faculty, and staff are eager to accommodate your needs, questions, and concerns in the most efficient manner. To maintain effective communication and assure a prompt response, the following protocol has been established to provide guidance regarding to whom parents/guardians should address their questions and/or concerns.  

    • Parents/guardians should first contact the individual closest to the source of the question. 

      For example, the teacher is the most appropriate person with whom to speak regarding a question about school progress, classroom behavior, curriculum, and the educational program. 
    • Parents/guardians should seek assistance from the school’s principal if further guidance is needed. 

      Depending on the situation, the principal may refer parents/guardians to a specific department or person. 
    • If you have a school-level situation that was not resolved through the teacher or principal, please contact Lynne Williams at lynnewilliams@marietta-city.org or 678-695-7268.

    By encouraging proactive communication, we endeavor to increase collaboration and understanding with the ultimate goal of supporting what best meets the student’s needs, while also balancing the needs of the school and the district.