• Information Security

    To protect our network from various cybersecurity threats, the Office of Information Technology and Information Systems has implemented a number of measures that will help monitor, identify and remediate threats. Although the tools we have implemented are highly effective, our most effective tool to combat cyber threats is you—the user. By arming users with the knowledge needed to identify suspicious emails and activities, the threat of cyber attacks can be reduced exponentially. One way this is accomplished is through security awareness training.

    Security awareness training is a proven educational approach for improving risky employee IT behaviors that can lead to security compromises. Through the efficient delivery of relevant information on subjects including information security, social engineering, malware, and industry-specific compliance topics, security awareness training increases employee resilience to cyber attacks at home, on the move, and at the office. Below is information on many of the aforementioned topics.


Terms & Definitions

  • Malware

  • Phishing

  • Spear Phishing

  • Social Engineering

  • Ransomware

  • It is important that if you suspect that you have been the victim of any of the attacks listed above, you contact your local Technical Support Specialist or the Office of Technology and Information Systems immediately.