Whole Child Model School

Whole Child Model School
  • A Community School Strategy

    Community schools were born out of a necessity – the need to have an effective improvement strategy of how students reacted to learning as well as on how they developed as citizens. Earliest programs date back to the 1970’s. Today, community schools are a result of America’s need to see schools as community hubs. There are more than 5,000 in America, and most of them have appeared in the last ten years.

    In 2020, GA Dept of Ed created a Whole Child Model School framework to assist schools in establishing best practice systems.

    At Marietta High School, we emphasize authentic collaboration through 4 coalitions:

  • Student Integrated Supports Focuses on supports related to physical and mental well being, basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and mentoring
  • Family and Community Engagement Focuses on creating a genuine partnership with our families and other community members and providing educational opportunities that give families tools and resources to support their child’s success at school and life
  • Expanded Learning Opportuniies Focuses on extracurricular academic and real-world learning supports to provide opportunities for students who want to be connected and learn more about themselves and their community.
  • Collaborative Leadership Focuses on the intentional collaboration of students, staff, and families in all aspects of the community school work