• Frequently Asked Questions about Titan Family Portal

    How do I log in to Titan?

    Log in to the Titan Parent Portal at family.titank12.com. There you can register and add money to your student's account, check meal account balances, see the daily menus for all schools, and apply for free and reduced meal benefits. You will need your student's ID number to add them to your account.

    How can I see school lunch menus?

    To view menus for breakfast and lunch, please visit the Titan Parent Portal at family.titank12.com. Select your school to view the desired menu.

    How can I add money to my student's meal account?

    1. Set up an account in Titan

    Visit family.titank12.com and add your student name(s) and ID number(s). There is a $2.60 transaction fee for credit or debit or a $1.60 transaction fee for e-check.

    2. Send cash

    Enclose cash in a sealed envelope with student name, ID number, and teacher name, addressed to [School Name] Cafe.

    3. Send check

    Address check to [School Name] Cafe and list student name(s) and ID number(s) in the memo section.

    What are the additional fees when adding funds?

    If you wish to make payments via the Titan Parent Portal, there is a $2.60 fee per transaction for credit or debit and a $1.60 fee per transaction for e-checks. You may also send cash or check via an envelope with your child's name, ID number, and homeroom teacher, addressed to [School Name] Cafe.

    Did my funds transfer from MyPaymentsPlus to Titan?

    Yes, all funds that were in MyPaymentsPlus have been transferred to each student's account. You are able to check your student's balance on Titan after you register for an account at family.titank12.com.

    Are meals still free to all students?

    Unfortunately, the USDA has discontinued waivers for free meals across the nation. Families must complete a free or reduced meal application for their students to qualify for free or reduced meals. Apply at family.titank12.com/application/new.

    I was approved for free and reduced meals the previous school year. Do I still qualify for this year?

    Benefits from the previous school year expire on September 14, 2022. Please submit a new application prior to that deadline at family.titank12.com.