Video Resources for MHS Teachers

    • MHS Destiny Online Catalog is a tool to search for DVDs in our collection.
    • Discovery Education is an edtech platform that features a vast library of videos, virtual field trips, lesson plans, and other interactive teaching resources in topics ranging from STEM to English to history. Teachers and Students can access it using their School Google account login information.
    • Safari Montage is a Video Streaming Library which includes 16,000 videos carefully curated to meet the needs of a K–12 curriculum. Teachers can access Safari Montage with their school laptop login information.
    • Media Approval Form: If a teacher would like to bring in a video resource not on these three platforms, a Media Approval Form must be completed. The Media Approval Form must be completed and approved by your department chair and your evaluating administrator at least 3 days prior to the scheduled time for viewing.