Clubs & Organizations

  • Parents may decline participation (opt out) of their child in any club/organization offered at their school.  The following are tentative clubs/organizations for the 2017-2018 school year.  The “opt out” form is included with the Parent Guide signature document and should be returned to your child’s school.

    Name of Club/Organization Brief Description of Mission/Purpose Name of Faculty Advisor(s) Brief Description of Past or Planned Activities

    Dunleith Cub Scout Pack 1313

    Provides an opportunity for boys to strengthen character, gain personal fitness and embrace good citizenship through structured STEM-based lessons and activities.  Additional opportunities for outdoor adventure are provided in both the Fall and the Spring.  Service projects and community outreach activities are planned throughout the year as well.


    Ms. Aimee Rodriguez,
    Mr. Giles Hill
    Webelos I and II Den Leader, 
    Ms. Laura Crawford (MMS),
    Bears Den Leader, 
    Mrs. Syntyche Horne,
    Wolf Den Leader, 
    Ms. Tacara Moss (WES),
    Tiger Den Leader, 
    Mr. William Cooper (MMS),
    Tiger Den Leader

    Cub Scout Pack 1313 offers students in first through fifth grades responsible fun and ample opportunities for adventure. Planned activities instill ethical character through STEM-based learning tasks. Scouts are trained in citizenship, service and leadership and strive to serve both our school community and our families. Independence as well as fellowship are modeled and practiced during our off-campus camping events and outings.



    Dunleith Dolphin Chorus

    Members of the Dunleith Dolphin Chorus will meet 1x a week to practice for public performances within the school and the Marietta community.

    Daniel Frisbie

    Members of the Dunleith Dolphin Chorus will perform at Kennesaw State University, Chattahoochee Technical College, and other venues that support our Dunleith School.


    Dunleith Artists

    Members of the Dunleith Art Club will learn the finer techniques of being an artist as they will create their own pieces of work covering many different genres. 

    Margaret Scally

    Members of the Dunleith Art Club will have their works of art displayed through-out the school and through-out our community. 


    Dolphin News Network

    Students will create and present a morning news network daily that is viewed throughout the school.  Students research the weather and current events to present in the program.

    Abbie Stevenson

    Daily news program

    The “Ladies of Excellence”  The “Ladies of Excellence” program focuses on teaching young women life and college-readiness skills through entrepreneurship. The Program curriculum utilizes the act of business creation to assist the members in acquiring the necessary skillsets to excel both in and out of the walls of the classroom. The method of Instruction will focus on four areas: Sisterhood, Service, Leadership, Development, and Achievement.

    • To exist as a model of service, leadership, achievement, and scholarship for all young women on the campus of Dunleith Elementary School.
    • Actively combat social issues which face young women in general and young minorities specific to the 21st century.

    • Promote and encourage young women towards achievement in all aspects of their social and academic lives.
    • Help all young women to reach their full potential as individuals through the framework of empathy and servant leadership.
    • Guide young women in developing their understanding of the true meaning of sisterhood and friendship.
    • Expose young women to basic, practical skills of entrepreneurship.
    Quinisha Saunders  

    Reading Bowl

    Students read and prepare for the annual competition

    Dr. Tamara Alexander
    Ms. Quiana Bryant

    Participate in the district wide reading bowl

    Safety Patrol

    Students demonstrate responsibility and model positive behaviors as they are stationed at various posts throughout the campus to assist with smooth student traffic flow and monitoring of student behavior.


    Students patrol designated areas on campus