SCHOOL UNIFORM POLICY (Optional for the 21 - 22 School Year)

    Our students are dressed for success and ready to learn wearing their school uniforms.



    Shoes: Sneakers and shoes. Must be closed toed. No flip-flops, crocs or sandals.

    Tops: Polo style collared shirts in navy blue, white or light blue. Solid colored shirts. No stripes or patterns allowed. Polo Shirts with the IB Logo are optional and can be purchased from Uniform Source.   

    Sweatshirts/Sweaters/Cardigans: In Navy blue or gray. These should be solid colors (no stripes, plaids, designs, or sequins).

    Bottoms – solid colored khaki, navy, or denim pants/skirts/skorts/shorts/capris (with no decorative trims). No sweatpants, leggings or color/pattern pants.


    Friday is School Spirit Day:

    Tops: School Starfish t-shirt, polo or any College T-shirt. Bottoms must be solid khaki, navy or denim.

     uniform uniform 3




    pdf Uniform Policy_English and Spanish

    Unified Dress Code "Opt-Out" Form - Parents wishing to “Opt-Out” of the unified student dress code can submit their request to the school principal by completing an “Opt-Out” application.