Clubs and Organizations

  • Parents may decline participation (opt out) of their child in any club/organization offered at their school.  The following are tentative clubs/organizations for the 2015-2016 school year.  The “opt out” form is included with the Parent Guide signature document and should be returned to your child’s school.
    Name of Club/Organization Brief Description of Mission/Purpose Name of Faculty Advisor(s) Brief Description of Past or Planned Activities

    Imagination Station Clubs

    Promote imagination and literacy through print of all kind

    Kindergarten & First Grade Teachers

    Real world explorations to develop literacy

    Book Storexploration Clubs

    Promote literacy, goal setting, collaboration skills and knowledge through literature, research, and the arts; run school store; IB Exhibition projects

    Fourth and Fifth  Grade Teachers/Kristi Averill, Lyn Huber

    Real world experiences to develop academic and social skills, including activities like running a small school store.

    Media Club

    Students will explore various technologies and media to apply to real-world projects

    Liza Curry

    Real world media projects as suggested from students using an inquiry approach

    IB Exhibition Teams

    Research teams will work on their PYP Exhibition

    Lyn Huber

    Fifth Grade PYP Exhibition

    Green Team Environmental Club

    Students learn about environmental issues related to recycling

    Deepali Patel/ Susan Pleak

    Lead recycling projects throughout the school

    Singing Starfish

    Chorus members prepare for performances

    Cathy Colton

    PTA performances, Christmas performance on the Marietta Square.

    Starfish Today News Club

    Students responsible for delivering morning announcements

    Jill Baker

    Morning television broadcast of the morning announcements. 

    Art Club

    Students are given extension activities in art

    Heather Scott

    Art show on the Marietta Square

    P.E. Club

    Students participate in extra PE activities

    Oscar Bennett

    Participate in team building games.

    Science Clubs

    Students use the scientific method to perform experiments

    Susan Pleak

    Sawyer Road Science Fair, Units of Inquiry extensions, Nature Trail planning and leadership

    Oceaneer Theater Clubs

    Students do readers theater and prepare for performances

    Cathy Colton, Jill Baker, 

    Students will prepare for and perform plays/musicals.

    Jr. Beta Club

    Students will focus on service

    Fifth Grade Teachers

    Service projects in the school

    IB Ambassadors

    Students will give input and provide education about the IB PYP for students, parents, and visitors

    Jill Baker

    Serve as docents at IB activities and daily around the school.

    Reading Bowl

    Students read and prepare for the end of the year competition

    Mardy Schicker/Lindsay Bryan

    Participate in the district wide and regional reading bowls

    Spanish Clubs

    Students will explore the Spanish culture and language

    Gaspar Rodriguez

    Dance performances, community service projects. Develop additional literacy skills

    World Exploration Club

    Community Action Service initiatives as part of the IB Continuum

    Susan Graves, Jill Baker

    Students apply the Choose->Act->Reflect Cycle to Community, Action, and Service activities