Unified Student Dress Code

  • All students are expected to be in uniform Mondays through Thursdays.  Parents may be contacted to provide appropriate clothing when in violation of dress code.  Fridays are considered spirit days/non-uniform days.  Other dress down days during the year are made at the principal’s discretion.

    Students may wear:

    • Uniform West Side logo embroidered polo-style shirts, purchased from approved vendors
    • Non-embroidered polo-style shirts in white, light or navy blue, or yellow
    • West Side spirit wear t-shirt, purchased from the PTA
    • Solid khaki or navy blue pants, skirts, skorts, shorts or capris.  Shorts, skirts and skorts must be at finger-tip length or longer.  Jumper dresses are permitted, as long as they are within the color specifications.  Pants should be free of designs and/or patterns.  No jeans.

    Winter/Outwear options:

    • Long sleeve white, light or navy blue, or yellow t-shirt or turtle neck underneath the approved shirts above
    • Long sleeve polo-style shirt in white, light or navy blue, or yellow
    • Long sleeve WS spirit wear t-shirt, purchased from the PTA
    • Hooded WS spirit sweatshirts, purchased from the PTA
    • White, light or navy blue, or yellow Cardigan sweaters
    • Solid white, light or navy blue, or yellow sweatshirts.
    • All other outwear (coats, jackets, sweatshirts) that do not follow the “unified dress code” are to be removed during the school day.  These items can be worn to and from school and during recess.

    Where to Order Your West Side Logo Uniform Shirts

    All West Side logo embroidered uniform pieces must be purchased from one of the approved vendors below:

    Lands End On-Line
    Preferred School Number: 900167537
    *Online promotional discounts are frequently offered throughout the school year.

    Uniform Source
    2141 North Cobb Parkway
    Kennesaw, GA 30152
    (770) 919-9967

    All West Side spirit wear t-shirts must be purchased from the PTA Online Store.

    West Side PTA offers a limited number of gently used uniform items at reduced prices. Two uniform consignment sales are scheduled during the year. Contact our PTA for more information about these sales.

    Unified Dress Code "Opt-Out" Form

    Parents wishing to “Opt-Out” of the unified student dress code can submit their request to the school principal by completing a dress code “Opt-Out” application.