• School Governance Team Elections

    As is required by the Constitution of the State of Georgia, the management and control of public schools shall be the responsibility of the local board of education. The School Governance Team (SGT) serves in a leadership capacity and works in conjunction with the principal to set a long-term vision and strategy for the school.

    In addition, SGT collaborates to design innovative solutions to increase the academic achievement of students and meet the unique needs of the school community. Elections for School Governance Team members occur annually and follow the membership procedures outlined in the SGT bylaws.

School Governance

  • The Board of Education of the City of Marietta believes parent and community support is critical to the success of students and schools. The establishment of School Governance Teams (SGT), pursuant to the Marietta City Schools Charter System petition, is intended to help local boards of education develop and nurture participation, bring parents and the community together with teachers and school administrators to create a better understanding of and mutual respect for each other's concerns, and share ideas for school improvement.

    Marietta City Charter System schools use the local school council as the framework of an expanded governance Board referred to as the School Governance Team (SGT). The SGT is entrusted with the responsibility of providing input, making recommendations, and rendering decisions regarding various aspects of the instructional program of the school and the school’s operational scheme. SGTs replace existing School Councils at all schools.

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  • College and Career Academy Board (CCA)

    Marietta High School is unique and is also governed by the CCA. The CCA is organized and operated to support a course of instructional study which merges academics with career and technical education and skills training for the benefits of the Marietta, Georgia community and for the educational purposes set forth in the Charter agreed to by the Board of Education of the City of Marietta and the Georgia Board of Education.

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