• Welcome to Sawyer Road Elementary -  It is my pleasure to welcome you to Sawyer Road Elementary School. While we are one of the largest elementary schools in Marietta City, our dedicated staff works very hard to meet the individual needs of all students, and maintain personal connections with their families.

    Our MissionSawyer Road Elementary will set high expectations and use inquiry based real-world experiences to engage all students. Relationships built here will produce lifelong learners and global citizens.

    Our Vision: A school where rigor, relevance and relationships breeds success.


    Dear Parents and Guardians of Sawyer Road Starfish,

    I invite you to become an active participant in our school community through volunteering, joining our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), or attending and supporting school events. Research clearly supports that when parents/guardians participate and are involved in their child’s education, there is a greater likelihood of academic success for the child.

    I truly believe that communication is the key to a successful educational experience. Together, we will continue to improve the quality of our school community and provide the best for the children of Sawyer Road.Education is a partnership between the school, students, parents/guardians, and community. All children are more successful when we work as a team to achieve educational goals.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your teacher, an administrator, your counselor, or front office staff.

    It's going to be a great year!


    Susan Graves, Principal

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    Governors Office of Student Achievement




     The Governor's Office of Student Achievement Georgia School Grades Reports

    The Governor's Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) provides school reports for all public elementary, middle, and high schools in Georgia. These reports include A-F letter grades based on school performance and other useful information about the school, such as performance on statewide assessments, the make-up of the school’s student body, the graduation rate, and additional academic information

     Click on the link below to view SRE's Report Card:

    Sawyer Road Elementary School Performance Report LINK


    Why is GOSA communicating these A-F letter grades?

    GOSA is communicating letter grades so that parents and community members have clear and concise information on how their local schools are performing. This information will encourage parents and community members to understand the strengths and challenges of their local schools and will help focus improvement efforts.

    What state accountability system is used as the basis for school grades?

    The College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), which is calculated by the Georgia Department of Education and approved by the State Board of Education, serves as the statewide accountability measure for public schools. A school’s CCRPI score is based on state test scores, student growth on these tests, graduation rates, and other factors. For more information on the CCRPI, visit the Georgia Department of Education’s website.


    For more information, go to the The Governor's Office of Student Achievement Georgia School Grades Reports