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  • Both state and local mandates require student participation in a wide array of assessments. The state and local assessments administered in Marietta City Schools assess the state mandated content standards, Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

    The purposes of the assessment program include:
    • Monitor student progress relative to the state mandated content standards
    • Inform decisions regarding placement for special programming
    • Assess program effectiveness 
    • As a planning tool for school improvement

    In addition to the requirements noted below, several of the tests are utilized as part of the system's promotion/retention policy.
    For more information about student achievement and College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), visit the Georgia Department of Education's CCRPI Accountability page.


Testing Information

  • ACCESS for ELLS (Grades K-12)

  • ACT (High School)

  • GAA 2.0 (Grades 3-8, 11)

  • Georgia Milestones Assessment System (Grades 3-HS)

  • MAP Growth Assessment (Grades K-HS)

  • NAEP (Grades 4, 8, and 12)

  • SAT (High School)