• MSGA Unified Student Dress Code

    The MSGA community believes the wearing of clothing that is uniform in appearance promotes a positive and safe school atmosphere, as well as diminishes numerous challenges with purchasing, selection, and acceptance of clothing options. Administration reserves the right to handle all dress code violations on a case by case manner. MSGA students are required to adhere to the uniform requirements.

    The consequences for students not in appropriate dress are as follows per semester:

    1. First Offense: Parent/Guardian is called to bring appropriate clothing/shoes to student**
    2. Second Offense: Parent/Guardian is called to bring appropriate clothing/shoes to student, and notification letter is sent**
    3. Third Offense: Parent notified, Lunch Detention provided, and ISS warning letter sent home with a minor referral**
    4. Fourth Offense: Parent notified, and student placed in ISS for the day with a major referral.**

    **Based on administrative discretion: When a parent/guardian is unavailable to bring student appropriate clothing, the student may be placed in isolation for the remainder of the school day.

     Uniforms and spirit wear can be purchased through the MSGA PTSA Webstore, though parents/guardians are free to purchase uniform items from whatever vendor they choose as long as it meets the guidelines of MSGA Unified Dress Code.

    Dress Code Options

    The administration reserves the right to deem other types of dress inappropriate even if it is not described here:

    Shirt Options:

    • Uniform polo style embroidered shirts with the MCS logo
    • Navy or gray Middle Grades t-shirt; short or long sleeved.
    • Marietta City spirit wear (Monday-Friday any MCS spirit wear t-shirts can be worn, including the Class shirts).

    Pants, Shorts, & Skirts:

    • Solid color khaki, tan, navy blue, black or gray pants/shorts/skirts with no designs or embellishments including designer holes or rips.
    • Plain navy blue, black or grey solid denim jean pants/shorts/skirts with no designs, acid-washed or embellishments.
    • Shorts or skirts should be at least knee length and should be of the appropriate size.  No athletic shorts.
    • Pants with belt loops must be affixed with a solid brown or black belt with a plain buckle.  No athletic pants.


    • MCS crewneck sweatshirts are available for purchase from the PTSA. Students may also wear "Marietta Blue Devil" sweatshirts over their uniform shirt such as those provided by MSGA or MCS sports teams/clubs.
    • Students may also wear non-MCS solid/plain navy blue/black/white/gray jackets, but they must zip down to show the uniform shirt.
    • Students may wear plain navy blue/black/gray/white visible underclothing.
    • Hoods can’t be worn on your head while in the building. If a student does not comply, this is considered a dress code offense.
    • Students may wear non-MCS coats to and from school during cold weather months; however, these coats may not be worn during the school day (unless the requirements above are met) in order to protect the integrity of the uniform.

    Unified Dress Code "Opt-Out" Form

    Parents seeking approval to “Opt-Out” of the unified student dress code can submit their request to the school principal by completing a Uniform “Opt-Out” application. Students with opt-out status will be expected to follow the dress-code guidelines below.

    Non-Permitted Clothing and Apparel Items

    Due to the nuances associated with dress codes, administration reserves the right to handle all dress code violations on a case by case manner and deem other types of dress inappropriate even if it is not described specifically in this policy.

    Students are not permitted any attire or grooming disruptive to the instructional process, which may include but is not limited to:

    • Tank tops or dresses with straps narrower than 2” or single-strap tops
    • Sheer/see-through blouses and skirts
    • Bare midriffs, crop tops and halter tops
    • Short shorts/micro mini dresses/skirts or high slit sides
    • Leggings or Jeggings
    • Sweatpants or joggers
    • Sunglasses
    • Clothing which allows underwear/undergarments to be exposed
    • Extremes in hair styles, psychedelic colors (hot colors)
    • Painted faces, stick on skin tattoos (unless linked to a school spirit event)
    • Any open-toed or open-heeled shoes, including flip-flops, crocs, slides, and sandals
    • Knee style shoes or boots with more than 12 holes for laces
    • No frayed/ripped pants or jeans and clothing with designer holes, symbols or other embellishments or designs
    • Low cut shirts
    • Clothing with writing/messages unless it is MCS
    • Hats, headgear or hoods during the school day (unless linked to a school spirit event)
    • Chains, spiked rings, spiked bracelets or long earrings
    • Bandanas/scarves
    • Overalls
    • Web, untied or dangling belts
    • Combat-type boots (12 holes or more) and flight jackets worn concurrently with combat boots
    • Suspenders
    • Any combination of clothing including certain colors which law enforcement agencies currently considered gang-related
    • Any coat longer than the knees, i.e., trench coats
    • Wallet chains