• Art

    The Marietta Sixth Grade Art program is a semester-long course that emphasizes a holistic learning approach in five areas of interaction. The development of skills in a wide variety of techniques, including the elements and principles of design, are explored through the following fundamental concepts: community/service, environment, health/social education, approaches to learning and how/why we create. Students’ experiences with Art will involve personal studio productions that include readings, writings, history and aesthetics. A wide variety of two and three-dimensional projects will be explored including drawing, printmaking, ceramics, painting, and deductive sculpture. The Marietta Sixth Grade Art program culminates with an Arts celebration/show at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Fine Arts: Marietta, Ga., usually in April.


    Our band is an exciting way to learn about music!

    Band is open to all students entering MSGA. We will have numerous mandatory concerts on and off campus throughout the school year. Prior experience on a band instrument is not required.

    Students will be responsible for obtaining an instrument and method books for the class through local music dealers given that only a limited number of instruments are available through the school.

    The MSGA Band is a team and has high standards. Only those students who have the drive and discipline to work hard and to improve their musicianship will be successful in the program.


    MSGA is the beginning of a progressive, developmental program in choral music. It is hoped that all chorus members will develop a love of singing and performing. This class is intended to expose students to the discipline expected in a performing group; the skills, knowledge and understanding required for high performance levels; and performance experiences at the expected competency level.

    Health/Physical Education

    The Marietta Sixth Grade Academy Physical Education and Health program encourages students to lead a physically active lifestyle, while providing opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, and self-expression. Current health issues are introduced to students so that rational decisions can be made about their own health. Students are exposed to a variety of activities in order for each student to experience success and develop physically, socially, and mentally.

MSGA student playing cello