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Fine Arts

Key Staff Contacts

To request information about the Marietta Performing Arts Center
please email Marc Patterson, MPAC Director
or call 770-428-2631
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expand Specific Program Contacts:

AP and IB World Music:
Instructor (MHS) - ( )


Daniel Akins (MHS) (
James McDaniel (MHS) (
Matthew Mattice (MMS) (
David Dover (MSGA) (


Lars Grevstad (MHS) (
Gus Godbee (MMS) ( )
Kenneth Grant (MSGA) (


Director: Chiazor Nwabude (MHS) (
Anna Dunn (Hickory Hills) (

Drama, Musical Theatre, and IB Theatre:

Jacob Garcia (MHS) (
Kayce Wallace (MMS) (
Holly Smith (MSGA) (
Mary Gagliardi (HHES) (


Kevin Sanders (MCAA) (
Kristen Runnion (Dunleith) (
Danny Echols (Hickory Hills) (
Joanna Cox (Park Street) (
Elizabeth Carroll (West Side) (
Cathy Glaser (Lockheed) (
Cathy Colton (Sawyer Road) (
Gene Howell (Burruss) (

Video and IB Film:

Instructor: Raef Williams (MHS) (

Visual Arts:

Susan Pritchard (MHS) (
Mary Northcutt (MMS) (
Amber Arrington (MMS) (
Chad Felix (MSGA) (
Kelly Karr (MCAA) (
Margaret Scally (Dunleith) (
Amanda Quay (Hickory Hills) (
Ana McTague (Park Street) (
Christy Grubbs ( West Side) (
Kappy Kelly (Lockheed) (
Kristen Zelinski (Lockheed) (
Heather Scott (Sawyer Road) (
Martie Moore (Burruss) (