Unified Student Dress Code

  • Due to the complex nature of our dress code policy, the administration reserves the right to handle all dress-code violations on a case-by-case manner.

    Permitted Attire

    Students may wear the following items:

    • MMS Uniform Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve Shirts (navy, gray, black, or white)
    • Marietta Shirt (navy, gray, black, or white) 
    • Navy or gray “Marietta Blue Devil” sweatshirts/hoodies 
    • Pants, skirts, and shorts (must be plain, the appropriate size, and navy, black, khaki, gray, and dark blue/black denim)
    • A student's attire under their uniform shirt must be plain black, gray, or navy. A short-sleeved/tank-top white undershirt may also be worn under the uniform shirt.
    • Students are not required to wear school spirit wear shirts or Marietta shirts on Uniform-Free Days or Spirit-Wear Days

    Dress Code Restrictions

    All clothing should conform to the MMS Unified Student Dress Code:

    1. No hats, hoods, or head coverings can be worn inside the school building.
    2. Clothing must cover all under garments.
    3. Sagging is not allowed.
    4. Athletic shorts can only be worn on Uniform-Free Days.
    5. Tights, leggings, and jeggings are not allowed.
    6. Clothing cannot have holes, frays, fringe, rips, or patches.
    7. If a student chooses to wear a hoodie or jacket that does not have an MCS logo, the hoodie or jacket must zip down completely, and it must be plain navy, black, or gray. (No other colors or designs will be accepted. If a student repeatedly wears a clothing item that does not fit the dress code policy, it is subject to confiscation).
    8. No slides, shower shoes, beach shoes, rubber flip flops, house shoes, sandals, slippers, open-toe shoes, or slipper boots are allowed.

    Uniform Free Days

    Uniform-free days may be announced/designated by the Administration at their discretion.

    Dress Code Opt-Out

    A parent who wants to exempt his or her child from the unified dress code will need to provide a detailed written communication to the principal within 5 days of the start of school. Students enrolling after this deadline must notify the principal in writing of their intention to opt-out within 5 days of reporting to Marietta Middle School. At a minimum, the communication must include medical or religious reasons for choosing to opt-out.

    Prohibited Apparel

    The following clothing items ARE NEVER ALLOWED. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and is subject to change.


    • Tank tops, shirts, or dresses with straps narrower than 2 inches
    • Single strap tops
    • Sheer or see -through clothing
    • Halter-tops or bare midriffs
    • Low cut shirts
    • Shirts tied in front or back
    • Tops with inappropriate content
    • Hoods


    • Holes, frays, fringe, patches or rips in shorts, skirts, pants, or jeans
    • Tights, Leggings, or Jeggings
    • Short shorts, mini-dresses, or mini-skirts
    • Skirts with high slit sides
    • Visible underwear or undergarments
    • Overalls
    • Tight- fit dresses


    • Slides or any open-toe shoes such as sandals
    • Socks with inappropriate content


    • Extremes in hair styles
    • Painted faces or stick-on-skin tattoos
    • Sunglasses
    • Bandanas, head scarfs, hats, or headbands with adornment
    • Chains
    • Hair bonnet, sleep cap, hairnets, or shower caps
    • Jewelry with spikes or inappropriate content
    • Dangling belts, dropped suspenders, or items hanging out of pockets

    Dress Code Violations

    As soon as students arrive for the day, staff will check to ensure that every student is in dress code. If a student comes to school out of dress code, a staff member will direct the student to go to the Blue Devil Express.

    Staff members in the Blue Devil Express will notify the parent and ask them to bring proper clothing. If the parent does not bring the student the proper clothing, the student will be provided a loaner clothing item for the day.

    Once the student has received the proper attire, he/she will be sent to class.

    If a student is consistently out-of-dress code, school administrators may assign school consequences. If a student repeatedly wears attire that does not fit the dress code policy, it is subject to confiscation.