Unified Student Dress Code

  • Unified Dress Code:

    Due to the complex nature of our dress code policy, administration reserves the right to handle all dress-code violations in a case by case manner. 


    All clothing should conform to the MMS Unified Student Dress Code:

    1. No hats or head coverings are allowed in the building unless for religious reasons.
    2. Clothing must cover all under garments and body parts. Sagging is not allowed.
    3. All clothing must be in good repair without holes, frays, fringe, patches (even if designed that way: do not wear to school)
    4. All pants and shorts must be PLAIN, the appropriate size, and navy, black, khaki, gray and dark blue or black denim.
    5. Shirts will be short sleeved or long sleeved navy or gray with the MCS logo on the left side. The MMS uniform shirt option may also be worn. 
    6. Marietta Middle School Spirit Wear may be worn on designated Spirit Wear Fridays. (Uniform-free days may be announced/designated by the Administration at their discretion.)
    7. Crewneck sweatshirts will be navy, printed with the MCS logo in white on the left side and must be of appropriate size. Pullover hoodies will be either navy or gray with the MCS logo and must be of appropriate size. 
    8. Hoodies/jackets must ZIP UP and  be either plain navy, black, or gray (with or without the MCS logo on the left side) and must be of the appropriate size.  While wearing a hooded sweatshirt/jacket, students must keep the hood completely down (off of the head) while indoors.
    9. Students may also wear navy or gray “Marietta Blue Devil” sweatshirts/hoodies over their uniform shirt such as those provided by MMS sports teams. While wearing a hooded sweatshirt/jacket, students must keep the hood completely down (off of the head) while indoors.
    10. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be knee length or longer, and be plain black, navy, khaki and blue or black denim. 
    11. No slides, shower shoes, beach shoes, rubber flip flops, house shoes, slippers, or slipper boots are allowed.

    T-shirts and sweatshirts may be purchased at the school from the PTSA Online Store.



    This policy is mandatory with exemptions granted for religious, medical, or philosophical reasons.

    Parents who wish to have their child exempted from the unified dress code program will need to complete an opt-out form and submit it to the principal within 5 school days of the start of school. Students enrolling after this deadline must notify the principal in writing, within 5 days of their intention to opt-out, upon which time they may print an opt-out form available on the school system website. Families for whom the unified dress policy will create a financial hardship will contact the school counselor, social worker, or school nurse for assistance in obtaining uniform shirts.


    Clothing Items that are Never Allowed 

    Students earn uniform-free days throughout the year; however, the following clothing items ARE NEVER ALLOWED (Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and is subject to change.)





    Tank tops, shirts, or dresses with straps narrower than 2” 


    Single strap tops


    Sheer or see -through clothing


    Halter-tops or bare midriffs.


    Low cut shirts 


    Shirts tied in front or back


    Tops with inappropriate content



    Holes, frays, or rips in shorts, pants, or jeans


    Tights, Leggings, or Jeggings


    Short shorts, mini dresses or skirts, 


    Skirts with high slit sides


    Visible underwear or undergarments.




    Tight- fit dresses

    Slides or any open-toe shoes such as sandals


    Socks with inappropriate content

    Extremes in hair styles, 


    Painted faces or stick-on-skin tattoos




    Facial piercings


    Bandanas, head scarfs, hats, or headbands with adornment 




    Hairnets or shower caps


    Jewelry with spikes or inappropriate content


    Dangling belts, dropped suspenders, or items hanging out of pockets