• The ESOL (English to Speakers Of Other Languages) Program is designed to enable students to grasp a strong understanding and use of the English language. Following the guidelines established by the Georgia Department of Education, the goals of the ESOL program at Marietta High School are to enable all students to succeed in the four language skills (speaking, reading, writing, and listening) both socially and academically, and to understand and function successfully in the American culture. Students are deemed eligible for participating and for exiting the ESOL program by meeting criteria established by the Georgia Department of Education.

    Marietta High School has programs in place to meet the needs of all students whose first language is not English. The programs conform to the class size and curricular requirements established by the Georgia Department of Education and are designed to meet the various language needs of the students. Students are assessed upon enrollment in Marietta High School and placed in the program accordingly.

    Students with no prior exposure to English are enrolled in the Intensive English (ESOL I) class. While in this program, one half of each day is devoted to the acquisition of English. The remainder of the school day is spent in classes that are less dependent upon the ability to communicate in English in order to be successful. A typical schedule for a student enrolled in the Intensive English class would be: Intensive English 1A, 1B, 3A, 3B Math, P.E. Fitness, Orientation to Life Skills and CVAE.

  • Courses
    Intensive English - For Students with no English Skills
    Teacher: David Cox
    Typical Schedule: Intensive English 1A, 1B, 3A, 3B Math,
    Physical Fitness, Orientation to Life Skills, and CVAE

    ESOL I - For Students with Beginning Skills
    Teacher: Camille Gomez
    Typical Schedule: ESOL 3A, 3B, Reading, Math, P.E Fitness, Orientation to Life Skills, Art, Dance and World Geography

    ESOL II - For Students with Intermediate English
    Teachers: Camille Gomez, Sandy Hodges
    Typical Schedule: ESOL, Grade Level Literature, World Geography, U.S. History, Physical Science, Biology, Health, Math, Study Skills, Electives

    ESOL III - For Students with Advanced Skills
    Teacher: Sandy Hodges
    Typical Schedule: ESOL, Grade Level Literature, US History, World Geography, Health, Math, Physical Science, Biology, and Electives

    ESOL IV - For Students Needing Remediation for the Graduation Test
    Teacher: Noel Jenks
    Typical Schedule: Regular classes with some sheltered classes

  • Based upon the language assessment, other Limited-English students are classified as Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced and scheduled accordingly. ESOL II and III classes which continue the enhancement of English skills, follows the QCC guidelines issued by the Georgia Department of Education and provide support for students participating in either regular or sheltered content classes. The ESOL IV class is designed for students needing remediation for the Georgia High School Graduation Test.

    The Special Education Department offers a wide range of programs for students who meet the Georgia State Department of Education eligibility criteria. The Individualized Education Planning (IEP) committee determines services based on each student's educational needs.

    Delivery Model
    Students' needs may be met in a variety of ways: (1) general education, (2) inclusion (usually in a class that is team-taught by a general education teacher and a special education teacher), or (3) small group instruction.

    The Special Education staff at MHS currently consists of 22 full-time teachers, 2 part-time teachers, and 7 paraprofessionals. There are also 4 itinerant staff members serving our students.

    As with the entire MHS student body, the majority of student's who receive special services earn either a College Prep seal or a Career/Tech Prep seal on their diploma and continue their education in a post-secondary setting. Some choose to enter the military or seek full-time employment. Some students will earn a diploma in accordance with the objectives of their Individual Education Plan.

    Related Vocational Instruction
    The RVI (Related Vocational Instruction) at Marietta High School provides a support system in the classroom to Special Ed students who are enrolled in the regular vocational classes through the Career-Technology Program. The RVI program also provides an avenue of exposure to various employment opportunities for Special Need students via field trips, guest speakers, WIA training, Internships and work study programs, collaborating with the Department of Labor’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program and other activities with High School/High tech Program. The criterion for placement into the RVI program is:

    • The student must be legally classified as special need or handicapped.

    • The student must require special assistance to be able to adequately function in the Careert/Technology Education program.