Clubs And Organizations

  • Parents may decline participation (opt out) of their child in any club/organization offered at their school. The following are tentative clubs/organizations for the 2017-2018 school year. The “opt out” form is included with the Parent Guide signature document and should be returned to your child’s school.

    Name of Club/Organization Brief Description of Mission/Purpose Name of Faculty Advisor(s)

    Art Club

    Express your creativity and get inspired! We will explore different forms of visual arts: drawing, painting, collages, photography, and more.

    M. Chamberlain
    L. Gresehover
    Li. Hawkins
    T. Hutto

    Board Games

    Enjoy playing board games with your friends? Join Board Game Club! In Board Game Club, students will get involved in friendly competitions. Each time Board Game Club meets, students will participate in different types of games and activities. Club members will become knowledgeable about different styles of games and their rules.


    Book Club  

    Do you love to read? Do you like to share your opinions about literature with your friends? If so, then book club is for you! Students will be given an interest survey to select our 3-4 books for the year. After reading sections of the book, we will meet to discuss our thoughts on the books, their characters, and the authors. We may even watch scenes from the books’ movies.

    K. Pitts
    H. Smith

    Builder Club

    Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school and junior high students, with more than 45,000 members worldwide. The MSGA Builder’s Club will partner with the adult Kiwanis Club and will spend this year researching the needs of our community, designing a service project, and putting that project into action to improve our school and community.

    Coding Club The Coding for Kids Club will focus on introducing and learning basic coding skills in order to start kids on the pathway to learning this critical 21st Century skill. We will explore programs like Hour of Code, Tynker & Pluralsight.  
    Dance Club Do you like to move, dance, and have fun? Then, Dance Club will be perfect for you.  

    Diversity Club

    The Diversity Club seeks to promote the following among students: acceptance and tolerance, understanding of each other, and unity and awareness. Together, students will foster positivity and harmony the Blue Devil way.  
    French Club Would you like the chance to learn about the French culture, holidays, food, crafts, and games? Then, join French Club so you can learn all these fun things and more!  
    Gardening Club Do you like to play in the dirt? Join the Gardening Club and learn what it takes to make a great garden- flower and vegetable!  
    Geography Club The geography club will be a fun, interactive experience, “traveling around the world.” We will be conducting geographical research, viewing and studying maps, playing interactive map games, as well as observing the terrain of our world.  
    Lego Club Do you like building and designing new things using Legos? If you do, then try Lego Club! We are excited to offer this club to those who like to tinker and have fun while doing it. If you want to have time to construct buildings, cars and other fun things, then sign up for this to share your work with friends.  
    Pet Club Do you love pets? Are passionate about helping animals in need? Then you should join the Pet Club! Pet club volunteers work with the local animal shelters with any needs they may have. We show responsibility by taking care of our four legged community members! Help us make Marietta a better place for all our fur friends.  
    Photography “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Students will have opportunities to develop their understanding of concepts and themes through the art of Photography.  
    Recycling Club

    Recycling is removing materials from the waste stream and putting them to new uses. By adopting a recycling program, a school not only removes materials from the waste stream, but can also:

    • reduce disposal costs
    • save valuable landfill space
    • conserve natural resources
    • provide students educational opportunities, and
    • empower students with the knowledge that their actions CAN make a difference!
    Shape Up

    The purpose of this club is to promote physical fitness through physical activities and for each student to identify personal goals for improving overall fitness and body image.

    ​Physical Fitness Activities include the following activities, warm up activities such as stretching, walking,  line dancing, etc.  Other activities include battle ball, soccer, walking, running, wall ball, basketball, jump roping, etc.  

    PBIS Ambassadors Coordinate and promote activities that represent the social aspects of MSGA; serves as a student advisory council C. Hedrick

    B. Papp

    Scrapbooking Students will create a scrapbook of their own pictures. They will learn how to layer and decorate their pages. R. Anderson
    T. Gonzales

    Shape Up The purpose of this club is to promote physical fitness through physical activities and for each student to identify personal goals for improving overall fitness and body image. C. Coles
    J. Nesbitt

    Study Hall Students will be given the opportunity to receive assistance with academic content, opportunities to complete missing assignments, work on projects requiring access to technology and allotted time to work with The Learning Odyssey software. Students must arrive with all required materials.  
    Typing Typing club is designed to help students develop speed and accuracy by learning the touch operation of alphanumeric/keyboard characters. Keyboarding is foundational for developing entry-level skills for business careers. Come join our club!  
    Walking Club Being active is the secret to staying healthy and walking is one of the easiest ways to get moving.  This is a great club to get exercise into your day and build stronger relationships.  Simply walking 30 minutes each day can have a great impact on health.  Frequent, brisk walks can boost your brain power while making you more productive and lowering health risks.  This club plans out walks and encourages healthy lifestyles.  
    Writing Are you interested in writing stories, essays, or books? Then, join the writing club to learn how to improve as a writer