• Flat Mari-Etta cut out Beginning in October 2012, Marietta Reads!—the Marietta City Schools (MCS) citywide effort to foster reading and literacy in the community—launches Flat Mari-Etta. The Flat Mari-Etta program encourages students to consider reading as an enjoyable activity that can occur in many places besides their school desks.

    MCS students will take Flat Mari-Etta with them on their next reading adventure, and then pose for a photo with Mari-Etta to see how many places Mari-Etta can travel to read. “Students can snap their photo with Flat Mari-Etta while they read in a variety of settings,” said Beth Ogletree, MCS Director of Elementary Curriculum. “Those photos can then be shared with others to help spark enthusiasm and interest for thinking of different places for students to read.”

    Throughout the year, schools will feature their photos of students, school principals, community leaders, MCS Superintendent Dr. Emily Lembeck, and local celebrities with Flat Mari-Etta on the Marietta Reads! Web site each month, at their school, and in classrooms across the district.