Marietta City Schools would like to thank you for your interest in running for an elected position on your school’s governance board/team. School Governance Boards/Teams (SGB/Ts) serve in a leadership capacity and work in conjunction with the principal to set long-term vision and strategy for the school. In addition, SGB/Ts collaborate to design innovative solutions to increase the academic achievement of students and meet the unique needs of the school community. 

    Parents/Guardians interested in serving on a School Governance Board/Team must complete and submit the candidate declaration form by OCTOBER 16th in order to run for a position at the school where their student(s) are currently attending in Fall 2020. Please see the table below to determine the school for which you are eligible to run.

    School                                    Current Student Grades for Parent/Guardian Eligibility

    Elementary Schools           K, 1, 2, 3, and 4

    MCAA                                     3, and 4

    MSGA                                     6

    MMS                                       7

    MHS                                        9, 10, and 11

    School Governance Team Elections will be held OCTOBER 21st – 29th, 2020.

    Parent Candidate Declaration Form - English

    Parent Candidate Declaration Form - Spanish 


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