Board Members

Alan Levine   Jason Waters   Randy Weiner   Allison Gruehn   Jeriene Grimes   Irene Berens

Ward One:  Alan Levine 

Alan Levine and his family moved to Marietta in 2009 specifically because of the city’s schools when his son, Andrew, began attending the Marietta Center for Advanced Academics. Alan is a graduate of Georgia Tech. He taught math and science all over the country including International Baccalaureate chemistry at the Atlanta International School, and geometry and advanced algebra at the Native American Preparatory School near South San Ysidro, New Mexico. After graduating from Emory Law School in 2006, Alan joined the Office of the Solicitor General in Cobb County and was the DUI Court Prosecutor his final year there. In 2013, he joined his wife Dawn’s law practice where he specializes in trust and estate litigation.

Ward Two: Jason Waters, 
Vice Chair

Mr. Waters, a Cobb County native, was elected to the Board in November 2013 and is serving his first term in public office. Mr. Waters is a Commercial Banker with Fidelity Bank and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Professional. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Georgia. Mr. Waters and his wife Katie have 3 children with the oldest two in Marietta City Schools.

Phone: (404) 403-8787
Ward Three: Randy Weiner, Chair

Mr. Weiner is a Marietta City Schools product, attending Hickory Hills Elementary, Marietta Junior High and Marietta High School – Class of 1985. He earned his finance degree from Kennesaw State University. Mr. Weiner is owner of What A Pane! – a window-cleaning business he established in 1992 – and holds a real estate license. He served on the Marietta Parks Committee in 2009 and served on the board for the Marietta Welcome Center and Visitors Bureau in 1997-98. Mr. Weiner has two children; both currently attend Marietta City Schools. 

Phone: (770) 427-7323
Ward Four: Allison Gruehn

Allison Gruehn grew up in Marietta and attended West Side Elementary, MJHS and graduated from Marietta High School in 1991. She received a B.A. In History from Davidson College in 1995. A former banker, Mrs. Gruehn currently provides bookkeeping services to local non-profits. She is married to Chris Gruehn and their two children attend Marietta City Schools.
Ward Five: Jeriene Grimes

Ms. Grimes was elected to the Board in November 2013 and is serving her first term in public office. She moved to Cobb County from Tacoma, Washington, and attended the Cobb County School District and Albany State University. Grimes is director of the Beulah Group and a managing partner at Allied Bonding. She also serves on various committees within the community. A parent of four children, three of which are Marietta High School (MHS) graduates, and one that currently attends MHS. 
Phone: (678) 886-1766
Ward Seven: Irene Berens

Mrs. Berens, a graduate of Georgia Tech,  joined the school board in April 2001 and is now in her fourth term. She recently retired as a ballet teacher at the Georgia Dance Conservatory and is currently employed as Office Manager for Emstar Contractors in Marietta. She and her husband Bob, a Marietta High School graduate, have two children who also graduated from MHS and are proud grandparents to four grandchildren.

Phone: (770) 428-2710
Ward Six: Vacant           

Board Of Education Duties

  • Enact policies that guide the operation of the system; Adopt programs of study and evaluate program effectiveness;
  • Employ staff members upon recommendation of the superintendent;
  • Approve budgets, financial reports and major expenditures;
  • Provide funds for operation;
  • Establish and maintain a system of records and accounts;
  • Plan for the expansion, improvement and financing of the capital building program;
  • Keep the public informed on school issues
  • Act as a tribunal at certain employee and student hearings.