• Blue Devil News - Back to School Edition 2021

    Posted by Melina Barbuto on 7/21/2021 3:30:00 PM

    Hello MMS Families,

    We hope everyone is enjoying a restful summer. With much anticipation, we look forward to seeing our students in the very near future.

    Last year was certainly unique! This year, we are excited to be returning to the full MMS Blue Devil experience – pep rallies, celebrations, extra-curricular activities, field trips, etc. Combined with excellence in learning, these experiences catapult our students from the Middle to the Top.

    The following “TOP 10” provides you with important information regarding the start of the school year. Please continue to check the BLUE DEVIL BLOG on a weekly basis for the latest information.

    See you soon,

    Principal Dayton Hibbs & the MMS Staff



     meet_greet_july_30_10am-12pm#1 MEET & GREET

    The Marietta Middle School Meet & Greet on July 30th from 10am - 12pm. 

    There is limited parking available along both Polk St. and Winn St. Please do not park in neighboring residential areas. The Big Blue Parking Lot will be available for general parking.

    Handicap parking is available in the Faculty Parking Lot between Northcutt Stadium and the main MMS Building. Staff members will be there to direct parking along the stone wall.



    To pre-order uniforms online through the MMG PTSA:



    In-person sales and pickups will occur on the following days at the MMS Big Blue Gym:

    July 28 and July 29
    10AM – 1PM
    4PM - 7PM

    July 30
    12:30PM - 3PM (PICKUP ONLY, no in-person sales)

    July 31
    10AM - 1PM (in-person sales)


    Why are uniforms important? Because Marietta Middle School follows a daily unified dress code.

    Due to the complex nature of our dress code policy, administration reserves the right to handle all dress-code violations on a case-by-case manner. 

    1. Students must wear a MMS Uniform shirt every day even when wearing MMS/MCS outerwear (Unless it is a Uniform-Free or Spirit-Wear Days).
    2. If a student wears attire under their uniform shirt, it must be plain black, gray, or navy. A short-sleeved/tank-top white undershirt may also be worn under the uniform shirt.  

    All clothing should conform to the MMS Unified Student Dress Code:

    1. No hats, hoods, or head coverings can be worn inside the school building.
    2. Clothing must cover all under garments. 
    3. Sagging is not allowed.
    4. Clothing cannot have holes, frays, fringe, rips, or patches.
    5. All pants, skirts, and shorts must be plain, the appropriate size, and navy, black, khaki, gray and dark blue/black denim.
    6. Students can wear short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, crewneck shirts, hoodies that are navy or gray with the MCS logo on the left side. The MMS uniform shirt may also be worn. 
    7. Students may also wear navy or gray “Marietta Blue Devil” sweatshirts/hoodies over their uniform shirts such as those provided by MMS sports teams.  While wearing a hooded sweatshirt/jacket, students must keep the hood completely off of the head while indoors.
    8. Marietta Middle School Spirit Wear may be worn on designated Spirit Wear Fridays. 
    9. Uniform-free days may be announced/designated by the Administration at their discretion.
    10. If a student chooses to wear a hoodie or jacket that does not have an MCS logo, the hoodie or jacket must zip down completely, and it must be plain navy, black, or gray.  No other colors or designs will be accepted. If a student repeatedly wears a clothing item that does not fit the dress code policy, it is subject to confiscation.
    11. No slides, shower shoes, beach shoes, rubber flip flops, house shoes, sandals, slippers, open-toe shoes, or slipper boots are allowed.



    Bus routes for the 2021-22 school year can be found here:



    If there is no bus route nearby, a bus appeal form should be filled and returned to Marietta City Schools Transportation:



    Students will receive an RFID the first week of school. This Radio Frequency Identification Card ensures that students are able to get on and off the bus so they must keep it on their person at all times.


    Any student walking off-campus after school will need a WALKER'S PASS from the main office. A parent letter must be received in order to receive one. Emails may be sent to Ms. Melina Barbuto at mbarbuto@marietta-city.org.


    Car riders are dropped off and picked up in the Big Blue Gym parking lot that is nestled between Maple Ave., Walthal St., and Winn St.

    See the diagram below for details:



    Schedules will be available on ASPEN on July 29th prior to our MMS Meet & Greet



    Students must bring the following to school every day:

    1. Chromebook, case, and charger.
    2. Pencils and pens.
    3. Paper in a notebook or folder.
    4. Math book.
    5. ELA novel.
    6. Team-specific materials.

    Teams will share specific material needs at Meet & Greet or through the class syllabus. 


    While earbuds might be needed for some assignments in class, they will not be allowed to be used in the hallways or without permission.
    Earbuds, Airpods, headphones, and any cellular device are subject to confiscation if seen out in the hallway by a staff member.



    Chromebooks are highly recommended for all of our students. 

    In-person students will receive MCS-issued Chromebooks during the first week of school.
    Virtual students will be able to pick-up Chromebooks beginning the week of July 26th from 7:30am - 3:00pm. On July 28th, pick-ups will be available until 7:00pm.

    We also provide insurance for school-issued Chromebooks which can be found here:






    ASPEN and Schoology are our main forms of communication and data recording.


    For grades, our teachers will be entering grades and missing assignments.

    For assignments, Schoology will be the main source for students to retrieve assignments and communicate with their teachers.


    Consider getting our ASPEN app to track your student's process from the comfort of your phone.

    ASPEN URL: https://ga-marietta.myfollett.com/aspen


                   ANDROID APP                                 APPLE APP


    #8 SPORTS

    In order to participate in any sport at Marietta City Schools, a student must have a current physical on file on our official documentation.

    Physicals are valid until April 1st of 2022. 

    MCS PHYSICAL 2021-2022


    Football conditioning is every Monday - Thursday from 6pm - 8pm. Any student is welcome to tryout as long as they have a physical on file.



    For families who have chosen virtual learning for their student, it is recommended that the student's workspace:

    1. Has a table or desk.
    2. Has a chair.
    3. Is quiet.
    4. Has good lighting.
    5. Is free from distractions.
    6. Has a computer (chromebook, laptop, desktop, or tablet). 
    7. Has access to WiFi.
    8. Has the necessary materials for the course.

    Expectations of online learners:

    1. Students must attend ALL live sessions for every class.
    2. Students must log into the live session at least 5 minutes prior to the start time.
    3. Students are highly encouraged to use a Marietta-City Schools-issued chromebook.
    4. Students must login using their MCS Google account.
    5. Students must keep cameras on and pointed at their face during the entirety of live sessions.
    6. Students must use their full name when logging into live sessions.
    7. Students must answer questions verbally when directed by the teacher.
    8. Students must keep the microphone muted until directed by the teacher.
    9. Students must remain on-task for the entirety of live sessions.
    10. Students will be required to complete assignments DURING the live session.
    11. Parents should not join or appear during a live session. Parents should communicate with staff using email or phone calls.
    12. Students are responsible for maintaining a positive learning environment and appropriate physical presence.



    Please review COVID-19 regulations that were sent to each parent from the Superintendent's Office.


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