• The Marietta Performance Learning Center serves as support for Marietta High School. The program’s goal is to
    assist in getting students graduated on time while providing services to assist with next steps.
    To achieve this objective, the MPLC has two components.
    A Full Day Program and an Afterschool Program are available.

    How to Apply
    1. An application may be obtained at the main campus in the Graduation Coach’s office by the student, peer, parent, principal/counselor, or teacher.
    2. The recommender and the student may complete the application together.

    3. Once the application has been completed, the form must be submitted to the Graduation Coach, preferably by the student.

    4. At that time, the Graduation Coach will attach academic records to the application and review for completion.

    5. If completed, the Graduation Coach will give the student a date, time and bus pass (if needed) for an interview at the MPLC with the MPLC Admissions Screening Committee. The persons on the committee may include Academic Coordinator, the Counselor and/or a learning facilitator.

    6. At the interview, students must have a parent or guardian present. If a student is independent, they may come alone. The student must bring the application and other paperwork for the interview.

    7. During the interview, the student will be asked questions regarding his/her academic history and the transcript will be reviewed.

    8. The student will either be -
      1. Accepted with a beginning date and instructed to clean out lockers and return materials to the high school.

      2. Referred to adult education opportunities.

      3. Directed to the proper main campus resource for additional assistance – a counselor, and ELL/ SPED case manager.

    The student enrollment process is an ongoing one. Need and extenuating circumstances may expedite one’s acceptance.