Volunteering at MHS

  • First, thank you to all our volunteers! Your efforts are recognized and appreciated. A volunteer is anyone who works with our students on and/or off campus. This includes but is not limited to band parents, PTSA Board members/chairs, School Governance Board Members, and Front Office Volunteers.

    Volunteer Process

    In an effort to keep our children safe all volunteers are required to execute the following steps prior to volunteering:

    1. Fill out the Volunteer Application
    2. Watch the Mandated Reporting Video (embedded on this page)
    3. Review the Training Manual
    4. Submit the Volunteer Application to the MHS Front Office for review
    5. Present your driver’s license to the MHS Attendance Office to be run through the Raptor Security Screening System. Tamara Benning (tbenning@marietta-city.k12.ga.us) is ready to assist you.

    Once the required steps are completed, every volunteer that is approved will be notified via email that they can begin working with students. A spreadsheet with the names of all approved volunteers will be shared with the staff and updated weekly.