• Supporting Park Street


    Consider volunteering

    To volunteer, please contact Ms. Asha Armstrong  at aarmstrong@marietta-city.org or by calling 770-429-3180 x7013.

    Para ser voluntario, comuníquese con con la Sra. Vanessa Barrios vbarrios@marietta-city.org or by calling 770-429-3180 x7011. 


    Join PTA

    Joining PTA cultivates stronger family-school partnerships. Be a part of an association that advocates on behalf of your child, teachers, and all educators at the local, state and national levels. Consinder joining Park Street PTA


    Unirse a la PTA cultiva asociaciones más sólidas entre la familia y la escuela. Sea parte de una asociación que defiende a su hijo, maestros y todos los educadores a nivel local, estatal y nacional. Considere unirse a la PTA de Park Street.



  • There are many programs and initiatives you can help support at Park Street! Park Street boasts a variety of programs that are in need of financial support, including:

    • Panther Passport: Summer Learning- This is a summer school initiative that allows over 130 students to continue learning and developing academic skills during the summer time. 
    • Leveled Book Room- Books at different levels for teachers to check out when working with students 
    • Teacher Appreciation- Donations to support teacher luncheons, teacher gifts, and teacher celebrations
    • Student Celebrations- Student of the month awards, student incentives, and student prizes
    • STEM Lesson Materials- Supplies and materials to support classroom lessons
    • In-house field trips- During our Super Specials times, students participate in a variety of in-house field trips
    • Student Technology- iPad, Chromebooks, and Swivl donations