MILE/Gifted Program

  • The Marietta Independent Learning Experiences (MILE) gifted education program provides additional academic rigor for students by extending, enriching, and/or accelerating the Georgia Standards of Excellence and through applying the Georgia Programming Standards for Meeting the Needs of Gifted & High Ability Learners. Specially designed curriculum is aligned to the academic needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles for K-12 high-ability learners in real-world interdisciplinary learning experiences. The learning experiences are designed using the following MCS Gifted Standards K-12:

    • Advanced Research Skills
    • Creative Thinking Skills
    • Higher Order Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
    • Advanced Communication and Collaboration Skills
    • Emotional Development of Self
    • Self-directed Learner

    Middle Grades: Instructional extension and acceleration are provided in enhanced and advanced language arts and social studies classes using advanced content, cluster, and collaborative models.

    Referrals, Evaluation, and Eligibility

    A referral may come from a teacher, counselor, administrator, parent/guardian, peer, or any other person with knowledge of the student's abilities at any time. There are two periods for the gifted-testing window: Fall & Winter. Each school's MILE Eligibility Team (MET) oversees the referral. For more information, please contact our MMS Gifted Coordinator.